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how do i know if someone smokes

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pondjohn, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. how do i find out which of my friends smoke and which dont some i can tell by how they act they do but others im at a loss is there a way to do it without asking directly and if not how do u ask someone if they smoke
  2. i don't remember dude, sorry. i've been out of middle school for 4 years now
  3. lol why does it matter if you cant tell? then obviously it isnt effecting anyone/thing
  4. have a party at your place and get them all to piss in cups.
  5. lol one im not in middle school two i wanna know who i can relax with and whos cool with it and i really dont know what id do with a bunch of cups of piss... lol
  6. look for *****y eyes
    lol it doesnt work for asians
    (and im asian)
  7. ask somebody. yo man want to smoke a blunt later? and if they say fuck yeah then they smoke, if they say no man i dont want to fuck my life up (lol) you know that they dont

  8. You really cant tell unless you ask them, Be casual about it so you dont come off as wierd.

    I guess you tell guess if somone is a pothead if they are burnt out, red eyes, and dont keep themsleves well you can probably assume they smoke. But those arent really the fun people to smoke with.

    (I know just b/c you are burnt out, have red eyes, and dont keep yourself well it dosnt neccisarily mean your a pot head)
  9. well ill try to put it a but more elloquently but i like the idea haha thanks
  10. they're your friends, just ask them if they smoke. :rolleyes:
    never thought asking a buddy if they smoked marijuana was a hard thing, I openly ask my friends if they do PCP or engage in anal sex with fat woman.
  11. ask, it's easy

    You: "Do you smoke weed?"
    Person: "Yes/no?"

  12. ya i just dont want to sound weird when i ask i think i got it now though thanks to everyone lol

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