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how do i know if i got ripped off help !!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dat1dude, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. i just recently bought 2 o's$ of midz well thats what the dealer called them .... i went on a bernie and no 1 got high just a lil buzz nothing much and errybody told me he sold me shwag instead of middies how do i know if thats true ... the stuff that he sold me is Yellowish green has seeds in it and is pretty dry ... im kinda pissed right now cuz i paid 115$ a o and my friend told me shwag is 60 a 0 ... can you tell me how to tell between mids, nugguts, and headies and also if this is shwag i got is there any way to make it better i heard something about a orange peel but idk ... so any advice would help thanks
  2. post a pic of what you got *****
  3. Mids can have seeds and generally do, just not a super abundant amount like what I like to call "I don't give a fuck I'm just in it for the money" weed
  4. No one can tell you if you got ripped off unless you post a picture...
  5. couldn't have expressed it any better
  6. Usually seeds mean the grower could give a fuck about the weed, I wouldn't smoke anything with an abundance of seeds. Although, some of the best dank will contain a seed or two (which is like a lottery, I love finding seeds in my potent dank, as it rarely happens).

    If your bud is yellowish green, be happy that it's not brown and soil looking.

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