how do i keep from falling asleep?

Discussion in 'General' started by mycartlona, Mar 13, 2003.

  1. every time i smoke weed, i fall asleep. i'm getting sick of spending the rare chances i get to smoke up unconscious. i've found that snorting or smoking caffeine helps keep me up, and also makes me appreciate the high a LOT more. but that usually wears off pretty quickly.

    does anyone have any suggestions of some cheap but effective way to stay awake while i'm high? does anyone else have this probelm?
  2. Well, do you smoke really late? maybe smoke a bt earlier. Also, you could chill with some other smokers, I wouldn't think they would let ya fall asleep on them :) Drink a Red Bull..It gives you WIIIIINNGS!!
  3. i ALWAYS smoke with other people. that's why it sucks so much to fall asleep. sometimes they try to wake me up, but it doesn't help. so they've given up trying, and now they just yell at me for being a downer, lol.

    unfortunately, i can't do much about the time thing, since i don't get out of work till late, and my friends aren't nearby enough to smoke with earlier in the day.

    the red bull sounds like a good idea, though. i'll try that tonight. thanks for the suggestion :)
  4. Lol, I suppose to someone who has not heard of Red Bull, or seen their advertisments, the WIIIIIIINGS thing may sound a bit odd..;) gotta see the ads..haha...
  5. caffiene lasts for 5 hours if you dont snort it..

    take a nodoz or 2 and youll be up for the high, guarunteed
  6. I have a hard time smoking when Im physically tired. Im a coffee drinker, that helps, but when my body is tired, forget it..if I just need a pick me up, its usually some kind of caffine drink lol, and chewing starbusrt all the live long day
  7. in regards to no doz:

    naw, man. i've taken so much caffeine in my life that i'm completely immune to it when taken orally. i've tried taking 4 at once and they don't do anything. that's why i have to snort or smoke them.
  8. sensimil, i love your icon
  9. smoking caffeine?? Oh that CAN'T be any good....
  10. How long have you been smoking, I know that my GF used to fall asleep after a bowl easily when she first started the ol toking. Now things have improved and we have time for more. :)


  11. mmmm sexy :) thank you! ;)
  12. Red Bull sucks, KMX is much tastier. Falling asleep? Get up and do something!
  13. for energy stuff, I prefer Starbucks Frappacino....especially the Mocha ones. The carbonated energy drinks always taste like crap to me
  14. yeah, maybe i *should* just have someone slap me when i fall asleep, lol.

    smoking caffeine ain't so bad. *is doing it right now and having a nice non-tired high*

    i tried the red bull but i started hallucinating that the soda was burning my throat. 5 kept me awake pretty long, though.

    um....yeah. i've been smoking regularly for less than a year. i guess it could improve, though.

    dilbert is a trippy show.
  15. i like frappachinos too. but the caffeine doesn't affect me. the carbonated ones work because they have other stuff in them too, like taurine. i don't know what taurine is, but apparently it makes me pretty jittery. did i get home? *be's stoned and confused*
  16. ..maybe you should cut down on the caffiene for a while so you dont have to smoke it to get decent effects

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