How Do I Grow Massive Marijuana Plants?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Maxmurphy123, May 22, 2013.

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    Hello, i was wondering how i can get massive marijuana plants that yield loads, maybe like a kg, i know my hopes are probably a bit high, but oh well.
    Heres what i have: 10hours of direct sunlight
    10 gallon pot of standard soil bought from a gardening shop
    35 degrees celcius and 60% humidity

    Im thinking of growing moby dick #2 by dinafem
    Can i just mix a load of horse poo or cow poo on top of my soil every few weeks for fertiliser?
    Will appreciate any help? Thanks
  2. 10 hours of sunlight will keep it in flower. They won't get very big. 
  3. And 4 hours of shade
  4. A 10gal pot. Lol try 400 gal pots. 10 is almost to small for outdoor growing.
  5. This^
    and you need more  nutes then nitrogen which is what is in horse/cow shit.
  6. U mean like this???:-D IMG_20130522_155659.jpg IMG_20130522_155708.jpg
    400s, 200 and couple 100s, 3 65 gallon smarties :)
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    Mine will get that big soon maybe =o well i hope know what i mean.. 
    thought u mighta said "move to cali to make big plants" lol just a little ball buster sorry man =d
    On topic though, lots and lots of soil the more the bigger the plant.
  8. Well it certainly does help andwith plant limits we have to grow embig.
  9. big roots = big plants
  10. Yup, got to have. good foundation to support what u want up top.
  11. you could probably pull a half lb off a 10 gal done right
  12. Not getting caught should be #1  :yay:
  13. Yeah did over a pound out of 20 gallons last year put out in July. So definitely possible to dohalf pound off a ten gallon. Smart pots though not plastic. Of course safety isnumber one. Reason I moved out of the midwest to a different country called,California where everyone and their mothers pretty much got weed plants hangin around and we all have med cards.
  14. Thanks for the help, i will get as big pots as i can cos i cant plant in the ground here
  15. Whats ur goal for the season?
  16. simple....strong genetics and big holes....bigger the hole...the bigger the plant...
  17. Imo, the most important factor is the direct hours of sun before pot or hole volume.
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    lol...not really....a plant in a 10gal pot is only going to get as big as the pot/hole/bag provides(that's the purpose of limit growth..thats why so many sizes)...reguardless of sun hrs....natures on a veg cycle........10hrs direct is plenty...this time of year that leaves 3-5 hrs indirect...plenty of light..and that's only going to increase the next few months....ill grow a bigger plant in a 30gal pot with 15max hrs of light..thats 8direct and 7indirect....then any1 would in a 10gal with 18hrs of light during veg...its all about genetics and hole size...
  19. Most people are not legal so 10 hours is an excellent spot.
    Marijuana is a sun loving plant, the amount of direct hours of sun is the most important factor, despite what you may think, it is in direct relation to the growth in veg and budding in flowering. 
    A 100 gallon pot will be useless without the time to grow big + enough sun for the plant to fill up the soil volume. A plant with 20 gallons of soil in 10 hours of sun will yield much more than a plant with 100 gallons of soil (which will never be filled up and so are useless) with 5 hours of sun. Talking about indirect sun is off topic for marijuana: it only grows with direct sunlight. 
    Perhaps you are legal and do not realize this but for guerilla growers, and this is commonly accepted among all marijuana growers (and for other seasonal greens), the sun is the factor which you cannot ommit to grow large plants. Huge volumes of soil are useless and a waste of time, effort, money if there is no sun. If by little sun, you mean 10 hours, then you don't don't realize what it is to find a secluded sunny spot for a guerilla grow and hauling all the soil there. Choosing a sunny location is THE most iimportant factor much more than having huge amounts of soil that CANNOT be filled in with littke sunlight. 
    As an example, look at Oldpork's grows, a master grower here, uses smaller pots if you see (about 20-30 gallons tops) but yields pounds, thanks to what? Lots of direct sunlight. And you can always lol at that if you wish.

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