How do I go about finding someone to grow my mmj for me, and how does that work wrt compensation to the grower?

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  1. I have had my authorization for a couple of months, and while the dispensaries are amazing now that I have pretty much figured out what works for me it would be sweet to not be completely dependant on dispensaries. I am not in a position to grow myself, and I know that I am allowed to have a proxy grow for me. I do not know how to find someone who can and will do that (well) and what kind of compensation is the norm for growing for a patient?
    Thanks in advance, it is so wonderful to have an alternative to the toxic pharmaceuticals the doc is willing to give me by the handsfull. Been there, ain't never going there again.

  2. I am in western Washington, if that helps.
  3. http://cannajobs.comThis site has many people that have experience with marijuana and are looking for jobs, if that helps.I'm going to college soon to get my degree in Horticulture and Botany. Seems like a great business to get Into since it's becoming a big business in America. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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  5. is your picture the crazy witchcraft lady from mythbusters?
  6. Unfortunately unless we can stop the gutting of the MMJ as we know it. It will be very difficult to find someone to do this since they will not be allowed to grow more than 3 flowering plants. Most people are not going to be willing to give up half of their meds to someone else.

  7. If you can find someone to grow for you, the way it typically works is you still pay for everything you get from them just at a small discount instead of $30 1/8 it's $25Sent from my iPad using Grasscity Forum
  8. My wa license says 24 oz and 15 plants at any one time. My grower also has a license and grows for others besides me and herself. How could it even be possible that one can only have 3 flowering plants at once? My first grow ended badly with only 6 oz maybe on five plants since they started dying off before they were finished (root rot). How can three plants even do anyone any good?

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    well..grown outside one plant can produce over a pound of dried and cured bud. I wouldn't be worried in WA though...3 in full flower and one mature being put into flower do not equal 4 in flower...
    examples for thought:
    stage your indoor grows so you have 1 mother, 3 cloned juniors, 3 mature vegging plants in training, and 3 in flower...3 new clones always being readied in a closet that count as seedlings and you have 13 to start more clones just in case some don't take. a harvest will be done every month as long as you move everything down the production line to the next stage after each harvest.easy 4 oz or more a month.
    stage things to have long term vegging and long term flower (4-6 months vegging, 2-4 months flower) and you could have several pounds of herb to get by on until next some for other strains...just as easy...just takes a lot more patience...
  10. Simple - because it's that much less of your hard earned money that will be spent at some dispensary charging outrageous prices. 

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