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How do i give rep?

Discussion in 'General' started by KidFromThe410, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Can I even give rep? If so how? Thank you GC gurus.
  2. Look at your post, where it says "Today" at the very top... Look directly to the right, there's a gray scale, click that on the post you want to rep.:cool:
  3. Like the above poster said, the little old skool type scale looking Icon, It looks like the old balancing ones. Next to the little dude and a red arrow ! icon.
  4. I think you have to have at least one bright green bar before the points actually start counting though if I'm remembering correctly.. If not it will just show up as a grey bar for the other person and no points will be added.

    It's the thought that counts though, I don't think people keep score of their rep points.
  5. someone rep me quickly
  6. same here, i deserve some reputation

  7. ^^^ I just repped everyone in here and still cant rep u :(
  8. I would give rep but I'm mostly on GC on my phone
  9. I haven't "rep'd" anyone since I've been a member, and I'm damn sure not gonna start now. Reminds me of FB and the "likes this" BS too much. No thank you.
  10. Didnt even know how to rep before this thread. Thanks
  11. Came in to give advice...

    advice already given.

    but yea, pretty sure you need one light green bar, but like LSDforpeace said, most of us just enjoy the warm fuzzies from someone repping us, its the the thought that counts.
  12. You have to write the message you'd like to rep in blood on a large sheet of cardboard, wear the comment around your neck and run to the GrassKing's Castle in the Netherlands, take off ALL your clothes (have since learned he allows you one sock and a fingerless glove) and live in his dungeon for 7 days on minimal food and water. You must then pluck 3 hairs from your head and mix them in a glass bottle of soda water and fairy dust, allow the GrassKing to take NO MORE than a thimble of a sip and await his verdict as to whether the comment is worthy of reputation or not. If successful, he allows you to run free. If unsuccessful, you become his bitch. jk you gotta hit that little button.
  13. To give rep you gotta click the grey scale on my post. It will only work on mine tho because I am just too awesome

  14. WTF lol:p
  15. Ya seriously, that guy must get some crazy weed
  16. What's the difference between giving a rep and a like? Likes don't add up to a rep?

    funny :smoking: board for a bunch of stoners
  17. 1000 likes= rep bar or you can beg and barter with superjoint in the lesser travled Glass Otaku section

    The Glass Otaku - Forums
  18. you gotta give the rep to me or Ghostonvacation.. then we distribute it out to who you want it to go to
  19. green bars on yo titties

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