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How do I get this smoke time to be worth my while?!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by æSNAFUæ, May 10, 2003.

  1. Hi all... I haven't been heard from in a long time, but I couldn't think of a better place to get advice on this matter.. you see I have developed a sereal relation with a guy that I work with... Sure we spend all day working together, but after work we seem to get in a mode. The mode to smoke. And we sit and smoke... ruitienly for the past couple months. We both know that there are not only sparks from the doobies, but with us on a much larger scale. It is gerneraly inapropriate to behave in the manner while at work, and well that is the only time in the day that we really get to talk. But I know that there has to be some way to "woo" him. I'm gunna say this purely because it may help the input that y'all have, but personally my sex life/fetishes revolves around the sweet thing i call my dope, and i see the same in him... guys, I am so bad at this, very very shy person and well any sexy mary jane related ideas out there? Come on I can tell alot of people here in the City, have the imagination for these things for entertaining reading material we have here! *lol*.... OH YEAH AND I HAVE TO MENTION THOSE CUNUCKS!!!! SO CLOSE YET SOOOOO FAR AWAY!?
    See y'all in the City, someday, someday.
  2. u can do that thing when u put a joint into the end of a pen and u can blow a hit into his mouth, i forget wut thats called though
  3. and find some pot recipes. Ones like brownies and such, and you guys can help eachother eat them, smoke aa fatty and have mad sex. then proceed to smoke a fatty. hahaha if some girl did that for me i would forever be in love with her hahaha man am i stoned!
  4. Why don't you do a 'shotgun', only with a joint? Kinda risky, you might get burned.
  5. any girl that cooked a nice big meal with bud in it would win my heart!!! lol
    the fatties and mad sex couldnt be bad either!
  6. you dont even need to put the weed in the food, just cook killer munchie foods, and then blaze over dinner, watch a movie, and smoke some more, that will put him in the mood...
  7. ahhhh... just listening to all your solutions in making me fall in love with y'all.... I know i would fall head over heals... Pot is extasy, and adding more extasy to that feeling can only go right.... theroretically speacking... let y'all know... I bet you'd be interested, See you all some day in the city
  8. make edible cannabis body paint and make him lick it off

  9. I dunno how to make weed sexy...but this might work just the same...

    Smoke a phatty then get into one of those deep ass conversations about love and stuff...

    Tell him u wanna jump his bones....if he freaks out...just be like "i was only kidding, that was the weed talkin" ...and u'll still be cool.

    If he's down with it, then get it on!!! Problem Solved.

    -Good Luck-
  10. Well hello, just liking to say that the body paint was definetly the way to go. If anyone is iterested for a recipe lol just jokin' Everything worked out for the better if that is any reasurance to anyone, I mean reasurance for you and *W*O*W* for me. ;0) Lets just call it a weed and raspberry flavored lolly-pop... ahem... anyways, u all are great and hope no one ever gives up this website***its a gem***
    bye all

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