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  1. :smoking:Alright so pretty much my bestfriend for all of Highschool (4 years now) and is pretty attractive (8ish) all ways wants to toke with me. But im scared I dont know what to do, like bust a move wise. Any advise fellow stoners.
  2. [ame=]PRESS THE FART BUTTON!!!! - YouTube[/ame]
  3. Dude you might freak her out and ruin your friendship. I'd say if you've been friends for 4 years there is a 97% chance this will result in loss of friendship.
  4. [ame=]Just Friends - Friend Zone - YouTube[/ame]

    Sorry to let you know but you're a lamp in her eyes.
  5. lolwut. Why the fuck would you waste such a valuable resource?

    A friendship of four years? Say this to her.

    "Hey, do you have any single friends?"

    I don't care how attracted you are too her, she'll make sure that you'll get some pussy.
  6. i dont give advise on anyones relationship anymore.... not after the last time... =(
    n e way....
    post a pic of her?
  7. first you should smoke then get her couchlocked so you have time to figure out what to do then
  8. Yeah, get her couch-locked and slip a roofalin capsule in her glass of water.
  9. This guy has it down, pat. She probably has a few hot friends, so definitely work that angle.

    Maybe if you act uninterested in her, she might build and attraction towards you. Who knows what would go down.
  10. Take the route capslock gave you..... She'll eventually build an attraction for you....

    Off topic real quick, my girl just put my baby to sleep and I startled my baby by farting really loud. Not cool. Funny at the same time though.
  11. Just ask her how she feels. Ask her if shes attracted to u and if u would ever date. Theres two chances. Shell say yes or shell say no. Roll with the answer u get cause. ruined friendships arent worth it.
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    NO! Don't do this. Once you ask, if she says no; she'll always see you differently. Things will change.

    As was said previous, act completely uninterested in her as more than a friend. See if you can hook up with girls she talks to.. She'll definitely develop an attraction that way, but it might only be the "I want him because I can't have him" attraction..
  13. no she wont. just fuckin man up. just be like i was entertaining the thought
  14. Flirt a little and then ignore her.
  15. So to follow up on my first post we are no longer talking. She invited me over her house and was just horny. Being so young at the time i didnt know what to do and turned her away.

    But she did hook me up with one of her girlfriends :)
  16. Chloroform and a rag should do the trick
  17. too late. you've been friendzoned

  18. Damn dude an update after a year and a half?

    Glad it, uh, kind of worked out for you though :smoking:

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