How Do I Get Smarter

Discussion in 'General' started by Atheism Cant Be Proven, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. i wish i was smarter
    how do i accomplish it

  2. You go grab an oz of Mary. Roll it. Toke it. Then your brain will show you things you will never handle.
  3. Ya I wish I could do that.
    I figured if I didn't spend every night watching sports...I would be smarter.  Because I'd be forced to find other things to's that help me attain intelligence.  But I'm addicted.  it's too bad
  4. It's my birthday by the way.  Everyone rep me.
  5. Get stoned and read books! 
  6. There is no more rep...
  7. Awww sheeet
    and books are a good idea
    i just taught myself how to read the other day
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    Watching Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and History Channel made me somewhat smart. I'm not the smartest person in the world but watching those channels helped me know more than the average person.
  9. Smoking shatter increases your brain activity by 10% you can thank me later.  :rolleyes:
  10. Just read every night instead of watching tv
  11. Reading doesn't build intelligence. It gives you facts and information but that isn't what makes you smart.
    OP my recommendation is that you work on your problem solving skills.
  12. well i have a decent IQ.
    i just wish i could wow people with my knowledge.  
    and seem smarter than i do currently
  13. Please explain how reading facts and information does NOT make you smarter or intelligent...
  14. Well I'm guessing theres 2 types of smarts: Book and street.
    That's just disingenuous though. Just be yourself and if you're paying even a little attention at all to life people will give you credit for being really smart.
    Those facts and information don't matter unless you can apply them. I can tons and tons and tons and tons of stupid factoids in my brain, in between Uncle Jon's Bathroom Readers(great books btw) and scholar bowl/academic team my brain is just filled with that crap. Memory is probably one of the most overrated things an intelligent person can have, does it help to know facts and the like? Sure, if you're using them, applying them to your conversation and the like. But would it make you smart to have tons of information nobody would ever want or that you would ever use? I think not.

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