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How do i get rid of Panic Attacks from smoking?

Discussion in 'General' started by KingOfTheClouds, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. I started smoking weed when i was 13. Im 18 now. I used to smoke all day every day. I grow weed... i love weed and it was a huge part of my life. One day i took a bong rip while on ADHD medication and had a super bad high and panic attack it felt like the weed was laced with acid or something. Ever since then when i smoke i have panic attacks. Has this happened to any of you? and if so how did you get over it?
  2. Only way... get over the fear of smoking pot while taking a break. I had the same exact thing, onset came on when i was on vyvance and smoked a bowl. Shit sucks, but i eventually learned how to control the initial onset of the panic attack by telling myself thats exactly what it was. It eventually just went away all together. Good luck to ya.
  3. Weird. Never really heard of anyone developing this after years of smoking, and I know a lot of people who have been smoking for anywhere from 20-40 years.

    Anyway, the other thing I've never heard of is someone with this problem suddenly getting past it and starting to like weed. Anyone I know who associates panic attacks with with smoking....well, they don't smoke.

    IMO it's all in your head. I bet if you go check your blood pressure it's fine.
  4. It's basically a fear that you have to get over.. I used to always get panic attacks after I got smoking and almost got kicked outta college. Shit was crazy but I learned to coop with it to the point that I don't get them anymore.

    Basically, tell yourself that the world doesn't revolve around you need to seriously calm the fuck down. Take it easy, grab a nice cold water and sit back and chill.. You will be fine once you get over it bro.
  5. Sounds like you need to start SLOW. Take a hit. Sit down and watch some tv. Don't think so much about being high, and focus on what you're watching. You'll feel good, but mellow.

    Then take two hits. And try again. Move up, but slowly.

    Or just take a break. Take a month break and then take a hit. You'll be high as hell, but it should not freak you out or anything. Maybe change your environment. Go out to a nice spot in nature and take a hit on a pipe or something. Sit, remain calm. Breath, and you will be fine.

    Before you know it, you'll be milking the bong and taking huge hits soon.
  6. Glad to see some blades with success stories in this area :hello:
  7. I was taking vyvanse also man. Shit fucked me over but its awesome to know you got over it hopefully i will aswell.

    Thanks for all of the responses guys i really appreciate it. I started smoking again about 3 weeks ago i smoked everyday that week. Didnt smoke to much just a few hits or one bowl. Then one day right when i wake up i light a jay smoke the whole thing then all of a sudden my heart starts beating real fast and i feel all hot. Next thing i know i throw up and pass out. It was a pretty discouraging shitty day. Thanks for helping a fellow stoner out guys.
  8. I used to get those what helped me is I realized that their is already cannabis molecules in my head and nothing is different but thinking something is bad makes it so. That helped me.
  9. i used to get panic attacks when i first started smoking, but now i don't; try smoking less, and becoming very relaxed before you smoke, have a good mindset before smoking, (for me, if i think i will have a bad high, i usually do, if i think it will be good, it will be). if you feel even the least bit tense about smoking, then don't smoke.
  10. Drink some chamomile tea. And throw in some mint too for flavor. I chill hardcore after a few cups of that shit :smoke:
  11. I had the same problems. I would freak out but found a way to stop by just telling yourself that it's all in your head. Start slowly with that mentality and work your way up and i think you'll be fine brodie.
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    Just chill out man.... I had a really bad one after I messed up my back. I was stretching and thought one of my bones was loose (no lie) and I could feel it shifting in my body. Of course my stoned ass starts tripping out thinking I'm not going to be able to walk and that I've fucked my back up for life. This prompted the biggest panic attack I've ever gotten. I went into my living room and told my Dad I thought I was dying and shit, got major tunnel vision, and thought I felt my heart stopping....And then it just went away after a while. I got up awkwardly and left while feeling really stupid.

    Now whenever I feel some uneasiness coming on I try to see if there's something negative going on around me or if I'm feeling okay, If everything is fine I know I'm just a wee bit too stoned, and I'll either do some deep breathing or just tell myself that I'm only stoned and ride it out. It doesn't happen often now, and is very controllable. The worst that happens is I might experience some anxiety on a strong smoke or big hits, but this is only at the peak of my high in stressful situations or when I'm alone.

    The next time you start feeling that way you should take a look at your mental status and figure out what exactly is causing the attacks. After that you can work to change it if you want to continue smoking, or drop it and at least have the knowledge of yourself. If I were you I would cut back on my consumption just to be safe. Instead of ripping that .5 nug out of your bong, pack a personal pipe bowl and take slow, full rips every 15 minutes until you feel just right. This way you prevent panic attacks, still enjoy being high, have extra bud around AND you start losing your tolerance somewhat. YAY !

    Good luck ! :smoke:
  13. There have been a few times where I just got too damn high. To the point where I was like, "I don't want to be this high?! I can't be this high! I got shit to do!" Just like completely trippin out, but as soon as I told myself that, that was the problem. I was just high and trippin.

    So take it slow and don't think about it so much. Shit meditate before so your mind is clear if you have to. And don't focus on the panic attacks, or getting high. Just do it, one hit at a time. If you start freaking out then just tell yourself "I'm fine. I'm just high and trippin out. There's nothing wrong" and it should help snap you out of it.
  14. If u smoke and ur expecting a panic attack, ull get one. Just relax and think positive about things before u smoke. Maybe take a break. Once u get a panic attack keep telling urself its just the weed and it should go away
  15. I've never had any panic attacks from smoking as such; apart from a bit of random paranoia. I have had them at other times though.

    I'd imagine it goes back to associating, subconsciously or otherwise, the action of toking up with that panic attack. As to how to solve it, I guess i'd try and do it whilst doing something that's different and more likely to relax myself, not just sit and couchlock.

    What the hell do I know though? I'm just some randomer on the internet :confused_2:
  16. Had a friend years ago who had this problem...
    He used to head off for a wank when we were smoking...

    Said it took his mind off things and chilled him out...

    Worth a shot ?:smoke::D
  17. Try smoking while you're drunk.
  18. deep breaths and (sleep). ive been having a ton of trouble getting to sleep though.

    light user for 3 months, smoked 2 huge bowls of skywalker og kush 57 hours ago and i am still really f'ing high.
    i feel u tho, had the first panic attack of my life after the first 12 hours, another one soon after, and another when i woke up ~18 hours ago.

    DEEP BREATHS and mentally reassuring yourself you are fine seems to have worked the best

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