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How do I get ash stains out of bed sheets?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Mansondevil33, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. I dropped my ashed out bowl on my bed (thankfully not a bong), and there are now ash stains on my bed. I would put them in the washing machine, but I can't risk my mom seeing them. How should I get the stains out without laundering?
  2. why so paranoid? just wash them. your mom isnt going to go "my son must be smoking pot, hes washing his sheets!"
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  3. Unless he's never washed his sheets before and then he does all sketchy.

    She would probably think you jazzed on em.
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  4. your mommy washes your bedding?

    poor wittle kiddy can't operate the washer and dryer without mommy helping...poor wittle baby...

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  5. Paranoia will destroy ya.

    Just dump water on em and use a terry cloth rag wipe it up man no biggie. If you washing your sheets or having a stain on them is enough to key your mom onto your smoking she needs to share her psychic powers with the rest of the world and do good for all mankind.
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  6. This kids like 13
  7. Water ? Grow up bro its ash.worst comes you tell her It was from.a.cigarette
  8. use a lighter, and burn the ash mark off, boom its gone
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  9. This is what I imagine when I read your question.
  10. Why don't you buy the new one if is the white sheet ,just purchased from the nearer store

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