How do I follow people?

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  1. Click on their avatar. At the bottom it says follow.
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  2. Click on their username and the option to follow pops up.

    Jinx Blix, you owe me a coke.
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  3. I must be a fucking idiot! It's not coming up on my phone. Click avatar jsut brings up posts, follows ect. Dots in top right only gives me the option to block/ignore. The only option I have is to messege them underneath. Screenshot_20191122_192111_com.tapatalk.forumgrasscitycom.jpg

    T. H
  4. It must be different on the app
  5. Cactus Ed 29yo shock shock! thought he was much older!

    must be the avatar
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  6. Yeah, my stated birthday on my profile is an April Fool's joke. I think I made myself 21 at the time. I'm 70.
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  7. The mobile browser is way better than the app. If you want to follow people, go use the mobile browser and do what Ed said to do. :)
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  8. Ah cool thank you

    T. H
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