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    These are Bourdeline extreme 2nd re flower. I have one platinum LED and one mars grow led lights. When it first happened I raised the lights all the way up in fear of bleach effect. I check back 48 hours and it's back. How do I fix this? Growing in 5 gallon smart pots soil is fox farm & fox farm nutrition. pH water has been 6.5
    I'm just starting out and this is the 2nd grow. Any advise would be great.

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  2. They're not bleaching, you're burning them with the nutes. A good flush is in order.
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  3. Agreed, looks like too much nitrogen to me

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  4. So add nutes to just bring her back down to another level after a flush I've had her in a flush for one week. The flowers and leaves just grow solid white. I don't get it. I'm moving light changing lights, Ect
  5. It's not your light. LED bleach is not what you're seeing. The "bleaching" effect you see on the leaves is nutrient burn. And like lukester said, the other plants' leaves are clawing a lot from too much nitrogen.

    LED bleach is on the top of the bud, the calyxes turn white instead of being green. Buds affected also often foxtail from what I've seen. During flower you can leave your LED panels at 12 inches, and you shouldn't have any troubles (as long as your temperatures stay within acceptable levels, of course).

    You need to flush all the nutrients out of the soil. Use three times the size of your pots in plain water. You're not gonna get rid of the problem with just watering without nutes. Last grow I had N toxicity (clawing leaves) a lot less severe than you, and watering with plain water for a month wasn't enough.
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  6. So I changed the plants from 5 gallon pot to 20 gallon pots. I added a lot of fresh soil to plants and back to just watering with a PH of 5.5

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