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    I don't know what my problem is. I've noticed over time i'll talk to a bunch of pretty girls and i'll get them to develop an interest or atleast a curiosity, and i feel like i could take them up to the bedroom if i knew how to do it correctly. I'm good at everything else leading up to getting a girl except initiating a hookup. Like i still do it but i feel like i could do it better, smoother, ya know. The whole package. Doesn't feel right doing everything else good and then the most important part mediocre. I wanna be silky smooooooooooth

    Scenario. Been talking to this girl for a few weeks, we hooked up once before, and we're going to a party together this weekend at our good friends. Small party, plenty of bedrooms open. With this girl I know she's down, but she's gorgeous and totally dating material and so I want to do everything right. It's not as easy as when I'm alone with her. i'm talking when everyone's just hangin out together bullshitting, I wanna take her off so she's like surprised and excited. Not tap her on the shoulder and give her the :ey: , i would, but not with this chick. How should I bring her up there this weekend without doing what every other guy does? Tips advice guidelines? Hit me blades

    The reason I'm asking for special advice is cause this chick is special. I've known her for about 12 years and she's seriously the most attractive girl my age that i know. All my friends from my old highschool always thought it, still do. That one girl i always had a fantasy about but disregarded it because it seemed so out of reach. Dat shit be in reach now doe
  2. dude just whip your dick out and make her face go :eek:
  3. No man i'm not trying to get all the bitches at the party just this one, that attracts too much attention
  4. Well obviously she digs you cause she is going with you to that party. Just keep your cool and don't worry about it. Have fun and she'll follow suit.
  5. Get yourself alone, and then sneak your hand on to her ass. Give her a little squeeze and see how things progress.

  6. Well yeah of course. I'm not worried about it, I just want some tips ya know. I know i'll have no problem getting with her at the end of the night, thats not the point, i'm just trying to do it in a good way that'll make her smile. Gotta go that extra mile for the good ones they don't come along so often.

  7. Dude no need for that, you risk fucking it up the more you try. She likes you for YOU.
  8. If your not smooth then your not smooth and trying to be smooth will only make it worse trust me ive tried not being myself and it doesnt work. One tip ill give you though is if you really do like her try talking romantic shit into her ear and just take her hand and lead her to a bedroom when you know you can go for the kill if not wait for the right moment. Its not just about taking shots its knowing when to take those shots know what I mean.
  9. Both these guys are right. What I'm more curious to know is 'What exactly were your moves when you first took her down?' :devious: Let's proceed from there.
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    its all about confidence man.

    when you grab that ass, GRAB THAT ASS.

    make her feel like you two are the only ones that exist, that her presence is very much appreciated.

    no one can tell you surefire moves since every experience is a unique one. you have to press buttons man not all girls like the same shit.

    also, timing is everything. you gotta think like an animal..instincts. when it comes to this shit the human mind is doubting at times..we tend to think too much.
  11. Take hold of her hand, look into her eyes and kiss her hand...

    See how she reacts; if she doesn't recoil in horror pull her closer, then go for the lips.

    Always worked for me :cool:

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