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How do I find weed in the middle of nowhere?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by anaplekte, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Well basically I live in the middle of a rural hick town and unless I grow it myself (lol yeah right I can't even keep a cactus alive) I have NO idea where I'm supposed to get my dope since the guy I >used< to get it from moved to Arizona :/ Only one of my friends actually smokes and they get all their stuff from this REALLY creepy dude who I just can't stand to be in the same room as so I'm DEFINITELY not buying from him. Any ideas what I should do? And "you're just gonna have to stop smoking" isn't on the table right now lol.
  2. you can try writing your phone number on a truck stop bathroom stall.
  3. If growing isn't an option, and there are no other dealers, and you don't want to stop, then you will either have to buy from the creeper, or go to a larger city/town close to you in order to buy. If you do have to do this, then buy in bulk.
  4. Either learn to grow (this website is about the best resource you could hope for), or just have your friend pick up for you when he goes.
  5. Follow that creepy guy and see where he gets his weed
  6. Uhh and just what good would that do?
    And I'm a gal btw
  7. No way I'd ever buy from this particular guy, he's just too damn creepy, he gives off really bad vibes, I mean he's twice my age and three times my size and he's a registered sex offender (and I knew he had bad vibes before I even found that out).

    If I went to a larger area (the closest places that I'm actually familiar with are Erie and Pittsburgh, maybe Meadville but I don't know that place too well) how/where would I be able to find somebody? I mean like I can't just walk up to some random guy on the street asking if he knows where can I get dope lol
  8. do the weed dance, DUH! once you do, you will please the Ganja Gods and a beautiful, DANK cannabis plant will sprout from the ground and vegetate, flower, and be ready for harvest in seconds!

  9. that would make 2 creepy guys
  10. Actually I think he grows it all himself, my friend said he has a whole ton of seeds and shit lying around :/

  11. Okay, so your friend buys from the creeper, right? Tell him to buy for you, and you pay him. Tell him he really creeps you out, and to pick up for you when he goes to grab.
  12. ^ Pretty simple, just ask your friend to get it for you. Your friend doesn't have to tell the guy its for you, tell him to just act normal and act like its a regular pickup for himself. Then once your friend gets it he can leave and give it to you. Tell your friend he creeps you out so you don't wanna pickup from him yourself.
  13. my friend you must teach how to perform this magic dance
  14. use the weed vacuum. just vacuum all the carpet in your house, and all the cannabis in the carpet will be neatly tucked away in the vacuum's weed compartment.
  15. How would I know that my friend won't rip me off? He might be my friend but he is kind of an asshole, not sure if I'd actually trust him with my money
  16. i cant, the Ganja spirits must visit you if you are worthy. only then will they show you the dance.

  17. Completely off topic but i love your avatar :wave:
  18. pssht I don't smoke in my house
  19. Give me your credit card info i'll sell you a QP for 100
  20. Aawwwwwwwwww, curse you for getting my hopes up

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