How do I delete a Thread?!

Discussion in 'General' started by iNate, May 29, 2009.

  1. I made a second thought of a thread I posted and got some shit for it, but Im tryna find out how to delete it, do I just unsubscribe or what not?
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  2. click "thread tools" and "delete thread" i believe.

    or you can click the "edit" button in the bottom right corner of your post & i think you can delete it from there
  3. How do I delete a Thread?!
    Today 05:09 PM
    by iNate
    \t \t
    Who gets their Pets High?
    Today 05:09 PM
    by JohnnyWeedSeed

  4. Hahaha mayne, edit that shit out quick!

  5. lol I hella suck at Forums
  6. Alright I got it, thanks for the help
  7. Damn bro that lol is about 7 years late

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  8. Yeh, you can't do it anymore apparently.
  9. :lmafoe:
  10. this thread was made the exact day i joined!
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