How do I clean my tree perc

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  1. I have a cheap bong with a 6 arm percolator. The resin makes the bong taste and look bad. Ive had this bong for 8 months and have cleaned it with 420 cleaner, grunge off, iso and salt and gasoline which worked the best but the perc is stain really bad with resin even tho i empty water after every session. I scrub it with a baby bottle scrubber which gets my other clear bong spotless but I don't want to break the percolator. Any tips would be appreciated.

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  2. As high % of iso you can find and just shake it slowly for a looong time i have a cheap bong just like at too
  3. No...once you have more glass...and realize how inefficient it is you will choose a diff method...the shaking you risk breaking...and the salt leaves buildup over time and sometimes it doesnt work too well

    The Best way! get some SG=Simple Green and you can re-use it, get a rubber stopper from homedepot or use a cork or make one

    fill it up let it soak for 2hrs or more depending on how bad it is...yours id say 4hrs minimum
  4. I tried the simple green and let it soak for 3.5 hours and its a lot cleaner

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  5. good! when i have a super dirty tube like apparently yours and you have time to spare or arent going to be using it a 24hour soak gets 100% out
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    [quote name='"kief stoned"']I tried the simple green and let it soak for 3.5 hours and its a lot cleaner[/quote]

    Holy shit that's a nasty perc. Might be the worst tree I've ever seen lol. Soak that shit in simple green for a few days and rinse it out with hot water. It'll be spotless

    Vato. Why the hell are you soaking so many bongs at once?

    Oh my god. And is the second one on the left soaking through a glass on glass connection? That's madness

  7. Cause when me and my friends have smoke out parties i take out every glass piece i have load em up and keep them all in rotation
  8. do you guys use the simple green glass cleaner?
  9. I've only ever used rubbing alcohol with (very) hot water and iodized salt. Haven't let it soak out ever but manual labor seems to get the job done. :poke:
  10. The mouthpiece is subtly worked inside with slim white interweaving lines swirling around inside the rim, while directly beneath it a multitude of glass bubbles decorate the outside of the tube above the frosted WS Series logo.
  11. ... wrong thread buddy

    OP ur bong is nasty as fuck. u must clean your bong at least once a week
  12. Oxi Clean with super hot water has always worked for me. Plug the whole like he does in the picture above. pour a little bit of ooxiclean in there followed by some extremely hot water. It'll start foming up the tubebring all the nastiness with it, so keep it in a tub or sink (be gentle obviously). Let it soak for a while and rinse it thoroughly and wa la looks brand spanking new......I had another friend who told me the salt and rubbing alcohol thing, then sticking it in the dishwasher. Haven't tried that yet but may soon.
  13. I've tried every method listed above including simple greenand nothing will get the res off the top of my tree perc.
  14. You need a commercial product. I use grunge off and bling. Bling would get that crap off in 30 seconds. I'm telling you I had a piece like that. I even tried hydrochloric acid. It was smoking from my bong. The solution was bling. Bling worked when salt and iso, h2o2, oxiclean, vinegar, and clr failed to do.

    If using iso its pretty critical to get the rock salt though, only like a dollar at walmart
  15. Can u get bling at a store? I think grunge off is sold at auto parts stores if I'm correct
  16. I tried bling that shit works good... Has crystals in it already made my pieces spotless... But I ran out so iso/small rock salt I have works amazing
  17. I doubt grunge off is sold at auto store. Goo gone is. The stuff smells the same and looks the same so much that I tried it... It's not even close to the same. Grunge off is marketed specifically for bongs.

    Both of these products will need to be purchased at your local hs or online.
  18. just curious.. Did you manage to get it cleaned? If so what worked?
  19. YES!

    Go to your local grocery store and buy this stuff called "Easy-Off." It's an oven cleaner, they have a fume free can as well.

    Just sprayed a good amount into the mouth piece and into the female piece, put saran wrap over the holes, shake it like a motherfucker, then leave it overnight.

    Woke up the next morning, shake it a little more, then rinse with ISO and Salt/Sugar to get any remaining easy-off out of the piece.

    Rinse and Enjoy.

    I've done this so far for all my glass pieces and it works fantastic.
  20. Once, I heard a guy say he put a drop or two of lemon juice in his bong every time he did a smoking session. He said it prevented lots of build up.


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