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How do I buy a Bong from GC without my parents knowing?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SaltLife, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. I have a prepaid Amex Card, but I don't know how to have it mailed without them knowing.

    Any tips?
  2. Don't you just enter the number?

    And if you have to mail it, just go to the post office or UPS and do it yourself... How difficult is this?

    My guess is underage b&.
  3. Get it shipped to a friends house. And at UPS stores they have lockers that you can mail stuff to and pick up.
  4. I just went though this same thing! I heard GC takes a while to ship like 6-8 weeks, so I just got a tobacco pipe off ebay so I had nothing to worry about.
  5. Wait? You can get stuff sent to the UPS store? I'm moving out in a little less that a year and my parents don't like that I smoke and wouldn't want me ordering anything to their house.
  6. It's supposed to be about 10 business days... Where did you hear that bullshit?
  7. My advice is that if you're trying to be discreet to not order paraphernalia to be shipped to your parents' house. This has underage written all over it. #1: You live with your parents, which is usually a 50/50 giveaway. #2: You are ordering paraphernalia from the internet rather than going to a store. #3: You are having said paraphernalia shipped to your parents house.

    Those are acts of desperation that would only come from an underaged kid. Sorry if you're not. There's just so many signs.

  8. Yeah I'm 98.8472719272937372927% sure you can.
  9. The underage police have arrived!
  10. You can, but it costs an assload.

    Small - 144$
    Med - 204$
    Large - 264$

    Plus 10$ setup fee.

    Straight off their website.

  11. Im going through the same thing he is. Im 18 I just live with my mom for the time being. I also tried to go to the store but no store in my area sells what I want. lol Its an annoying situation. Im sure though that a good amount of people on this site are underage. haha
  12. my bong took 5 weeks and came with the female joint broken. shit happens
  13. I had a thread a couple of days ago about it and heard that, if it was only 10 business days i would have tottally gotten one off of GC for 20 dollars less and without all the annoyance. Whatever, what's done is done.

  14. Shut that shit up you joined last month
  15. Pick it up at the post office or where ever it is, or just get home before your parents do.
  16. Alright, here is what you do, man! Listen carefully, don't skip a step, or this plan will BACKFIRE!:cool:

    First off order it, but instead of shipping it to your name...Ship it to James Bond. It will take a couple of weeks so use these weeks to buy yourself a new suit, tie, and dress slacks. Also get yourself a new Audi, or an old Audi, I guess it doesn't really matter but something recent and with a lot of speed, preferably a convertible. Now, after the two weeks are up and your package is literally just inches away from you, dress up as a bush and hide by your mailbox...I know, I know, it will look suspicious just a random bush popping up out of nowhere, but this works everytime, man!

    When the mailman comes with your package, whisper to him, he may become slightly startled...I mean, it isn't everyday that a bush talks to you, man! Tell him you're an agent and ordered the package, he'll probably ask some questions probably won't give you the package...Just repeat this "Sir! This is a situation that deals with the highest levels of national security! We've been following this Oddjob character for years, and if we don't get this package we will fail our mission!":cool:
  17. Pick it up at UPS brah
  18. Hey man your kind of a dick, and i learned this the first week i joined. :smoke:
  19. Thanks for the tips.
  20. No problem, champ.:cool:

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