how do i break it to my mom that i cant have her in my house?

Discussion in 'General' started by HighHaze, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. im gonna keep it short

    -mom and dad been divorced for a while

    -i live with dad

    -mom wants to bring elderly lady over my house so i can play piano for her......she wants to come in too and hear me play

    -my dad wouldnt agree with my mom coming in the house

    -no matter what i do i am upsetting a parent, and i dont know why the hell my mom would put me in this position

    -how should i tell my mom that she cant come in?
  2. "I dont think dad would appreciate you coming into his house, ask him about it"
    Your part is finished.
  3. damn straight.
  4. yea, definitely just say something like "mom, you know i'd love to have you and your friend over; but i don't know how my father would feel about it. You take it up with him, and try to work it out; i don;t really want to get in the middle because i care about both of you"
  5. ^^ yup

    been there done that

    only it was my dad puttin me there..and my mom called him out on it
  6. thanks for the responses guys

    i dont know why a parent would put their kid in that position.....thats so fucked up. i would never do that to my child

  7. they dont realize their doing it man
  8. if my dad was here, there is no way she would ask for this favor. therefore she knows she is doing it

  9. oh sorry, i didnt realize your pops was gone and thats why she wanted to come in.
  10. perfect.. i go with that...
  11. maybe your mom wants some of that good old ding ding from the pops and wants to use you playing piano for the old lady as a distraction.

    can't hear moaning over a piano.
  12. so my mom tried to come in. she asked if my dad was here and i said no and she stepped in....thats when i said "but i dont know how dad would feel about you being in here" and she understood.

    this goes to show she knew she was putting me in that position because she asked me if my dad was there first. oh well, she didnt seem too hurt but whatever...its done.

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