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How do i ask this dealer for a quarter of weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by traviekush, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. Ok so one of my best friends just gave me his dealers number for weed. But idk what to text him. I was just going to text him " Yo ________ whats up this is ______ bro travis do you have a quarter of loud" Lol
    (the blanks are names that should not be mentioned)

    Im want to pick up basically a quarter of dank. Im so nooby lol:)

    Btw my friend is out of town
  2. Don't do that man. Get your buddy to introduce you to him. It's better that way. Or just have your friend talk to the dealer and set it up. :D
  3. Yea i only bought weed from him 1 time & this was like 6 months ago in november or January. so i doubt that he even remembers me. lol
  4. "Hey _____ gave me your number and said you might be able to hook a brother up?"

    He will know what you are talking about. No need to blatantly talk about drug dealing even through texts.
  5. nooooo. alright man this is what you do. you CALL him and say yo, man my boy ___ gave me your number you busy? he says yes no or w/e then you just tell him you looking for a quarter and wahla! you can even throw in do you want me to bring my scale or you got yours? so therefore he'll weigh it out right in front of you
  6. I'd hit him up how you planned. You're not sketchy, and I assume he isn't? Seems legit being through a mutual friend.

  7. agreed
  8. #8 traviekush, Aug 4, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 5, 2012
    Yea thanks im going to just do that. thanks
  9. Dealer will get mad your friend is giving out his number imo.
  10. So no one filled in the first blank with the N word. Ok.

  11. Why? As long as this guy is legit, its more money for the dealer.
  12. have ur friend call his dealer and give him a heads up thatur callin that way the dealer dont think its some random person, even if ur friend did give you his #.
  13. If your friend get the ok from the man before u hit him up then text him.

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