How do I add chicken shit

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  1. I know I’ve asked before I’m sure I have somewhere along the line my grows seem always deficient in mg with perfect ph bless I add epsom every feed at 80ppm which is because I use high intensity led so they are demanding more

    I’ve come up with the plan to use chicken shit as it has mg and is a wide nutrient profile too
    I think mg was offset by adding too much gypsum in the beginning as I added it each topdress till I learnt not to

    so I’ve mixed in fresh compost and amended without gypsum the normal amendments at 1/4
    This is the chicken pop bag I got it’s organic certified I’m not using mine as it’s all fresh atm and that’s hot I know

    Pelletised chicken manure which acts as a natural slow-release plant food and soil conditioner. Apply 120-200g per sq.m. N4.5% P3.2% K3.1% Ca9.0. 25kg bag.

    it has mg and many other nutrients too

    my bed is 400litres atm

    (This is different grow to my other post)
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  2. ZZ Chicken Manure.jpg

    I add a 1 pound coffee can worth of CM per every roughly 5 gallons of Soil between every set of plants X4 sets per year.

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    Sexy bro sexy
    So wen I Reamend my 100gal bed I’m to use 20 x1lb coffee cans there like 2cups cans right ?(40cups??) :eek:

    so on top between plants not directly under them and don’t mix it in just let it melt in watering and worms sound about right ? Seems a lot like but I guess the soil volume battery is there !?

    I am amending with kelp neem crab etc as normal and then add this on top yes ?

    online say so different shit allover lol
    one pound of chicken manure per square foot of garden space. I have 3.5x3.5 bed so that’s 12lbs?

    Another sad 2 inch under each plant as a mulch

    and the one says use 150grams per meter squared or you wil reduce fruits and make more leaves

    this says An ideal mix would be ¼ chicken manure to whatever mix you do with.

    Wow?? Like. 1/4 of my soil mix in chicken poo really ?

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  4. I'm adding between flowering plants so I dig out about a 12-12-12 inch cube worth of soil and blend it with the manure when I backfill and install a fresh plant.
    I may add another pound worth as top dressing and scratch it in if things get a bit yellow prematurely.

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  5. I've used 1 cup in5 gallon bags with good results,top dress again in preflower
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  6. Call 911
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  7. Ah yeah put in the garden wish I could guess your battery extends as you have the whole ground I’m in a grow container so guessing as 400l max I could overdo this easily ?
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  8. I grow in 5 gallon SIPs as well with about the same amount of CM.

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