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How do get a good high, everytime

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by weedvirgin15, Jul 26, 2019.


Best way to eat an edible

Poll closed Aug 2, 2019.
  1. Brownies

  2. cookies

  3. candy

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  4. Pill

  5. Drink

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  1. I've eaten edibles before and switched to pills as some food items taste bad. At a store there's nothing too appealing as chocolate is the worst way to eat it yuck! I've been experimenting in pills and can't seem to figure out the right amount to take it and can't make a solid schedual in order to get the best high possible. The best I can calculate is 3 months sober and a 50mg pill. Idk about you guys but I'd like to float on a cloud at least once a month. Any advice on how to do so? I tried adding CBD to the schedual but I think it just cancelled out the effect. I've tried taking 75mg and feel a stomach ache happen and any more I get sick.
  2. I voted for cookies above, but pills are also excellent.
    Some pills are more potent than others, in which case fewer of them would be needed, and their stomach effects might not be as bad.
    Many internet cannacap recipes are poor, but BrassNwood's recipe on this website is excellent.
    Here's my version of it:
    1. Decarb herb @ 240 F for 40 min with a verifying thermometer
    2. Grind to fine powder
    3. Mix together the following
    (5 g Herb) + (5 g Lecithin) + (26 g Oil) = 40*(Size00Caps of 20 mg THC each) + (2 g waste)
    4. Quickly preheat mixture to 220 F then bake at that temp for 20 min
    5. Freeze
    6. Thaw then repeat steps 4 and 5
    Filling the caps is difficult, but this makes it easier, along with the CapMquick device.
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  3. Are you asking what dosage should you take and how frequently you should take it for the best highs? If so, what's dosage have you liked best so far, is it 50mg or what?
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  4. Good luck Ed
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  5. This basically sums up this thread. As Cactus stated, we need more info.
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  6. Your survey implies one edible might be better than another.
    If one starts with the premise that the weed has been properly decarbed, and then bonded with either a high %alcohol or a high %fat. It then is all relative to how much the have you consumed. With the bonus of ingesting it will give it the opportunity to be converted to a more powerful form of thc.

    My primary medical use is for sleep enhancement because I have enough arthritis that it can be tough to get through the night.

    I think nothing is better than well made coconut oil. I scrape it with a butter knife and lick it off all by itself.
    My problem is that I tend to like it a little too much and I get easily carried away with it.

    It is easier for me to control my dosing with tinctures and therefore cost effective.

    It’s Friday 5pm I put some blue cheese tincture in a beer 1.5hrs ago and life is good.
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  7. Different infusion methods can lead to dramatically different effects.
    The digestive system only absorbs a few percent of the thc ingested, but that few percent is greatly affected by infusion method.
    In other words, for the same amount of the same perfectly decarbed herb, one infusion method could produce effects that are much more desirable than the other.

    Oils and alcohols don't bond with thc, they dissolve it, similar to water dissolving sugar.
    In the case of alcohol, it can be all removed, and the remaining FECO will work very well with zero alcohol remaining.
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  8. For the best highs, and best dosage is 50mg if I'm a couple months sober. If I'm trying to take some more frequently it's 75mg per month but it's only a warm feeling, not a cloud 9 high. There's a complete difference in experience when I'm a couple months sober and would like it often but just can't get it since I don't want to be high all the time.
  9. I haven't found different infusion methods to have different effects, could you give an example of what you mean?
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  10. It sounds like you have your ideal dose and frequency figured out. We each have our own reaction to pot, it's more involved than milligrams and tolerance breaks. Like other hallucinogens the high from weed is dependent upon dosage, set, and setting. It's easy to be consistent with dosages, simply make a lot of oil at once and by experimentation find your ideal dose by counting drops into a capsule. The setting can also be fairly well controlled, we can light a candle and put on the same kind of music but getting the set right is the hard part, it's difficult to control your mindset for consistency. Our moods change and that's one of the most important things that determine the quality of our high. What dose you take one time can affect you differently the next time depending on where your heads at. The mindset differences are mainly what created the urban myth about Sativa's effects vs Indica's.
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  11. Assuming accurate decarb, it's possible to test all sorts of combinations of Lecithin / NoLecithin, Infusion Time, Infusion Temp, Freeze / No Freeze, etc.
    But what should be tested for is debatable.
    For me, it's quality of high and length of sleep, which are perfectly correlated, but might not be perfectly correlated for others.
    The accepted wisdom is that longer infusion times change thc into sleepy cbn, but I wonder whether careful lab testing has actually proved this.

    Testing is difficult because at least 3 trials, and preferably 5+, are needed for each method for a reasonable comparison.

    Over the past few years I've been doing such testing, and recording results in a spreadsheet, over 600 trials overall.
    Data recorded was WithHerb/Without, Freeze/NoFreeze, Lecithin/NoLecithin.
    The kind of final product was also recorded: Tincture, Cookie, or Nutella Cracker Sandwiches.
    Only the tincture was strained, so only it qualifies as "WithoutHerb."

    Ed, I appreciate your skepticism, because it made me go back and re-analyze my data.
    Let me emphasize that this wasn't completely scientific, and results might not apply to everyone. Many different strains were used over a couple years or so.

    I use almost exclusively for insomnia, and have been trying to find the sleepiest / best quality of high strains.
    I've come across many poor ones that pulled down the average sleep to 5.2 hours.
    I discovered that both indicas and sativas promote sleep at night, but the sativa sleep is less peaceful and a bit shorter.

    Here are my results that might apply only to me. Everything includes at least 100 trials, but of course some trials fit into more than one category:
    Overall........5.2 hours of sleep
    The "WithHerb" average was pulled down by cannacaps, whose herbal contents can't stay mixed. I suspect without proof that a well dispersed herb/oil mixture improves with time. The nutella cracker sandwiches are noticeably better after a few days.

    Looks like you're right Ed, at least for you and me.
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  12. Are you a validation engineer like myself? If not, you should be.
  13. It's amazing you keep records of such things. I think it's also amazing your hours of sleep are so consistent. I'm all over the place from 90 minutes to 6 hours. Thanks for the reply, Bill. I certainly didn't expect it to be so thorough. As far as sleep goes, my oil caps seem to make me a little more sleepy as time passes. I made my current batch of oil at least a couple of years ago and I made it with old material so I suspect it contains quite a bit of CBN. I have 2 full 30cc dropper bottles of prepared oil and about another half bottle left, that's enough to last me the rest of this year and when that's gone I've got an ounce or so of wax in the freezer I made maybe 4 years ago that I'll decarb and use for my next batch of RSO type oil. By that time it should be so aged as to put me to sleep by just looking at the bottle. Assuming I live that long of course.
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  14. I love you
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  15. Yeah I know. I know you're after the wax in my freezer. ;)
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  16. I am. I’m after your knowledge as well. Tell Mrs cactus it’s all good.
    Do you have a press? Pleeeease tell me how you’ve accomplished this?
  17. When I enjoy doing something I tend to go overboard. That's what happened with my ganja garden.

    I told her and Mrs. Cactus says she's interested in being cuckolded but I don't know what that means.
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  18. lol neither do I

    Oh yeah? Me too. I just don’t have the space, even though I’ve managed to take over more house than a 5 person family.

    I’m currently using a gold dragon tincture that’s been in the freezer now for 14 months. This is the closest I’ve come to experimenting.

    I’m thinking about buying a press. Do you have one or how did you make the wax, if you don’t mind me asking?
  19. Of course I don't mind. It takes me a long time to make wax. Basically I make QWISO and evaporate the alcohol in very small batches, so little that when the alcohol is gone the oil looks like a layer of clear plastic on the bottom of the glass pan. I evaporate over a seed starter mat that keeps the temp in the 90s and I let it sit for a couple of days until I can run my finger over the layer of oil and instead of sticking, my finger glides freely across the oil. I scrape it up and pour in another layer. It takes weeks to evaporate a gallon of tincture this way. And I use 99% iso. That's it, easy peasy. I find if I try to evaporate too much at once it skins over and traps moisture or molecules of alcohol beneath the dry layer on top. I don't use a fan because the alcohol evaporates so fast it cools down enough to start condensing water out of the air, even in my dry climate. It's nothing fancy but it works for me.

    I have several presses from when I was making fireworks (I'm too old for that now, I can't maintain my concentration making it likely I'll destroy something) but I don't use a press for anything cannabis related. I've considered converting a press for making rosin but....

    I don't think I'll be making any more wax, I rarely dab these days (burnt out lungs) so my next crop will go directly to RSO for capsules.
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  20. I feel like a noob after reading what your wrote lol I'm literally clueless on information about weed. j was bearly informed of stevia and indica

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