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how do bongs work??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stuntindaddy, May 26, 2010.

  1. i know how to make one. you take the stem stick it through the bottle and go under the water level. but the bowl on the stem. weed in the bowl. blah blah blah

    BUT, how do you prevent the weed from falling through the bowl, down the stem and into the water? AND, how does the smoke go THROUGH the water??? i dont understand that... can you really inhale through the mouth of the bottle and pull smoke through the water? idk, sounds weird to me...

    anyways, im curious in making one. i wanna try it, i usually smoke blunts, but ive heard that bongs are much better for you and for saving the weed and getting the most out of what you buy. any help would be appreciated. thanks stoner buddies!
  2. bowls that dont have a small hole will need a screen (especially if your making it) you can use foil or a sink faucet metal thingy.

    The smoke is forced through the water by you inhaling slowly, which helps cool and filter.

    EDIT: im no expert, ive only made one, but I think thats right
  3. Well, if you aren't trolling then... You prevent your herb from falling through by using a screen. You can get a bunch for a couple bucks at your LHS. Also yes you pull the smoke through the water - This cools the smoke making it easier on the lungs.
  4. 1. Pack bowl

    2. Light weed and begin to inhale

    3. ??????

    4. PROFIT!
  5. Hehe oh well.

    You can buy pack of screens at your LHS for like a dollar or just break up a part of your nug and put it in the bottom of the bowl then pack the rest of the weed on top of that.

    As for how it works when you inhale through the top of the bong you are creating suction in the bong so as your lighting the bowl that suction will "pull" or suck the smoke into the bottom of the bong which is filled with water. The smoke us pulled through the water and is cooled in the process. Then its just inhale ... exhale and chill.
  6. add me on skype and i can show you how a homemade works, lol just about to blaze out of mine
  7. I encourage you to make one they are great!
    smoke goes through the water too cool it and filter it just like everyone said but if u don't get how that works then imagine air bubbles but instead of air, smoke. Not that strange of a concept if you think about it.
    As for the weed not falling through the bowl you need a screen unless the bowl has a hole too small for weed to fall through.

    if u don't know what a screen is then here
    u can buy them at a store or in some faucets of sinks
    good luck!
  8. You pull smoke through the water. This is what causes it to bubble, the smoke actually coming out of the water, through the stem and the bowl where the lit weed is. It's very simple, actually. It also filters out a lot of stuff while going through the water.

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