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How Dirty Is Your Bong? post Pics

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by, Feb 10, 2005.

  1. mines not too bad. i normally clean it every other week but i ran outta 420 cleaner and dont feel like spending the time to clean it.

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  2. I wish i could show you my bong and its bong water. Since i bought it about a little more then a month ago i still havent changed its water.Looks really nasty but the smell isnt bad at all.
  3. my bong is pretty clean at the moment

    ashcatcher is spotless(just cleaned it before the pic), and there is some resin in the bottom of the bong, but only a few bowls worth

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  4. Nice Roor. you got the diffuser too?
  5. nah, i don't have a diffuser yet

    the local dementia's downstem diffusers were all a little bit too long for my nameless or the ashcatcher

    getting a downstem diffuser off someone though for $20 next week though thats short enough to fit into the bong
  6. I like my glass on glass bong more than my plastic Graffix because About once every three days the glass stem gets so packed with resin it clogs and then If you just give it a good suck the tube completely cleans itself out practically maintenance free considering the bong gets spilled way before I ever need to worry about changing the water ;)
  7. Nice peices guys. Dont have a bong yet still live at home. My peice is gettin pretty dirty tho.
  8. Bout all i gots a zong nice and small ta tote around, and best of all a sacka weed and some swisher sweets
  9. hey fatkid420, thats one hell of a collection, how much did that group cost ya
  10. 350 - 500 maybe. I cant remember how much I paid for some of the pieces. It has been so long heh.

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