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how did you start smoking

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by gone fishin, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. i remember i was always curious ganj...i had a friend whose mom smoked (i knew my mom toked basically, but i was too afriad to ask)

    she smoked me up for my first time with a bong (yeah...that was 'fun), and sold me some what i remember now was wayyy too good to give a starter smoker...seeing as it had big blue hairs...then i found a decent connect from my moms after she found out...and its history

    how about you guys, how did the smoke start for you?
  2. when i was 14 these 18 year olds smoked me out. now i know when you have to cough, dont cough in the bowl. i still have a black eye >=(
  3. i had always been curious about weed and my friends neighbor that i was good friends with was a big time dealer in my small town. He had always been saying he was gonna smoke me up and i was scared to do it during the school year. So in the summer between freshman year and sophmore year of high school i smoked a joint with him in his backyard and didnt get high at all. Later on i smoked again and got a little bit high buy it was also really shitty schwag. Then my friend and i bought an 1/8 of fucking dank for 60 bucks and would smoke every friday after school and just be baked as fuck for the whole night. We pretty much were both once a week smokers for about the first semester of sophmore year and then second semester it was a bit more often and then over the summer nearly daily. It was so sweet that when i was once a week i had no tolerance.
  4. I had always been very anti-marijuana, (mainly due to D.A.R.E., my parents, and all the government bullshit) when in freshmen year of high school I learned it's not super deadly or addictive. I began doing some research and stuff and found it was true. next day, I went to school, bought a dimebag from a friend, and I've been toking ever since.
  5. i would have smacked the shit out of you when i was 18 and you coughed into the bowl

    and you have a black eye that lasted 4 years?!:eek:
  6. iwas a joke, i met like they hit me so hard in my face i had a black eye for 4 years!
  7. Started one summer. I got sick of drinking and feeling like shit. Drinking was always stupid as fuck to me. So I switched to weed and dont drink anymore. Plus alot of family members are drunks so I really didnt want my life to be recked because im a drunk.
  8. it was in the spring i was 14, i came over to my friends house at like 4 with some, my friends were there and they have been moking for a while, they asked did i want to, i said yea becuz i was always interested, we smoked like 4 joints, i wasnt high at all, but just very very chilled out, then i took 9 shots of vodka and passed, so my first experience was kind of crazy, it took me like 7 different times smoking to get like fucking stoned
  9. a joint in my college dorm. we hotboxed a sauna
  10. was 19, fresh in college, my best bud had done it a few times and i always wanted to try it out atleast once in my life...we bought an 1/8th from a friend who dealt at the time of some DANKY DANK stuff and we got retarted...haha hooked
  11. my big brother decided it was time,
    him and his friend sat me down and smoked me out,
    i smoked like 5 grams..
    out of a nice big glass bong.
    so yeah first time i got stoned i was trashed.
  12. Was chillin with older kids when I was 12 and they asked me If I wanted to hit it and I said sure.. simple as that
  13. my brother and his friends used to always smoke around me and from him i learned that it wasnt that bad or anything and the first time i smoked, we used his bubbler. haha good times. i just chilled for a second and then just started laughing my ass off haha!! i was like 14 or something.:smoke:
  14. my friends had started smoking in 8th grade and I wasn't really for or against it. I just figured it to be "bad". Well I did some research online and realized it's not bad at all really. So I knew a kid in 9th grade and he was trying to get me to smoke, and the one day I was about to but I was sick and didn't want to get more sick from smoking. So the first time I smoked was the last day of 8th grade, at a festival. We went behind a garbage dumpster in a secluded spot and smoked a few pipes out of a metal POS pipe. Then the next day we smoked out of a small glass pipe in a tunnel underground in the woods it was a sweet spot. Each time I wasn't really high, everything was just seeming "odd" to me. But after that summer I smoked at another festival and got really high with the munchies and all that. A couple months later I smoked some dankkkk bud and was so fucking high. Best high of my life. I was so retarded, couldn't even order my food at Denny's. Hooked from then on :)
  15. My mom is a hippie and my dads a biker so I grew up emersed in the pot culture, smoked my frirst time at 8 taken a few hits off tha bong when my parents wernt around. At 15 I became a regular smoker and started smoking with my parents. from 8 to 15 I only smoked like 1-3 times a week. Had edables the first time at 10 though, found a batch of gaint chalcolate M&M cookies in the frige. Ate 2 not knowing that it was a batch of a dozen that has a ounce total in them.
  16. Unlike most people, i started smoking freshmen year of College I had always been curious, but none of my high school friends smoked, so i found a good group of stoner friends up at college and started toking around twice a week (optimal number of times IMO) and the rest just fell into place.
  17. Yup, same here.

    Around freshmen or sophomore year of college, I finally had a good friend who wanted to do it with me (I'd been wanting to give it a try since around 8th grade). Since I hadn't wanted to do it without a good friend, I jumped at the chance to smoke with him.

    He called me up one day, I knew he'd already started smoking, and asked me

    "Hey dude, you wanna smoke some weed?"

    "Yes. Yes, I do."
  18. My girlfriend smoked me out for my first like 10 times. :)
  19. Damn son that shits fucked up lol. I dont know why someone thats 18 would want to smoke with a 14 year old anyway but still why would you hit a little kid?
  20. My best friend and i went camping in battleground WA and we smoked a quarter and i was tripping balls because it was my first time.

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