How did you start growing?

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    This is my story one day I come home from work and my father in law says hey come here so I go with him and he says does that look like a weed plant and i was like WTF let me check and sure enough it was it was a lil seedling in the cold ass weather so I brought it inside and went to homedepot bought a cfl then a week later found this site .now I'm taking care of it and it's in flowering stage right now but idk if I did anything right it's my first grow but I no alot more than what I didbefore al this from this website
  2. I had to read your story like 10 times.
  3. ya i did too bro, but i can tell you that my first grow was up in philidelphia, i knew a guy who had a deep closet that he grew out of. his lighting was bad, he had tube lights going verticaly on the walls, lighting the sides of the plants, and not the tops. it burnt 2/3 of his crop one day, he quit and left it to me, course this was 2-3 years ago.
  4. I don't understand -- where is this found plant? I assume outdoors? And it's flowering in January? What part of the world do you live in?

    And if you don't know if you did anything right, what is it you know a lot more of now than what you knew before?
  5. i started smokin' skunk when i was doin doing my dgree in UK, and when i came back home (4 years ago) started smoke black afghani hash, cz its the only staff availabe around!! and i have really got sick of it becouse they mix it with soo manything.. soo i had to grow my own shit :D and just two days ago i was soo fucken stoned that throu in the sea all of my staff around 25grams of black afghani hash (costs here around $200..

    now its weekend!!! and today i got premoted at work!! and i have no shit to selabrate with!!! i just have few babie plants which hopefully will supply me with GREEN staff again :p in april if every thing goes well... can i dry one small baby and smoke her, will it effect !! btw thire 3 weeks old and started to smell a bit :confused::D
  6. Ok I edit the story he told me he wanted to see if it grew
  7. under my tv i had a few cfls and a plant going i went out of town gave it to my friend to put in his hps box...
    And it hermied.
    So I got my own hps and box and started out doing it kinda right but very wrong and cheep
  8. Ouch, my eyes hurt. Use " . " (periods) to make sentences. :rolleyes:
  9. 2001
    my 1st plant I found on the edge of a parking lot at a restraunt right where all the water runs off It was about 5 feet tall. i dug it up and brought it home and hid it in the woods It started flowering and it was getting close to frost so i brought it inside i got a bunch of incadesent plant lights from the store because cfls were not on the market.
    The next summer i found one at a friends house 7-8" tall in the fall and took it in using the same lights i kept it alive till the next summer where i planted it back outdoors.

    Now i grow exclusively indoors with professional products and professional results.
  10. Interesting, its not very common to just keep finding MJ plants growing in places like that. You ripped someone's stash! sux :eek:
  11. i started growing right when i starting smoking. i didn't think of buying as a option since i was a broke lil kid.

  12. You grew indoors? Or out?
  13. One day my old boss called me up and asked if she could stop by to bs for a once she got there she was talking with my wife and told me to go to her truck and if I liked what I saw to take them. I went out and opened the door to see 2 big garbage bags loosly drapped over a couple of boxes, I pulled the bag off and there was 80+ clones between the 2 boxes.

    Luckly for me I had just taken down a large saltwater tank and had 2 400w lights sitting there. So took them back into back bathroom and thru together a crude grow room and ended up keeping 15plants. Took a couple of large nugs to her after harvest and told her to keep one and to give the other to her grower friend that gave me the clones. A week later she asked me to stop by her house and preceeded to tell me how much she and her friend enjoyed it.

    Been growing ever since...
  14. Lol I didn't grab anyones stash both were common smoking places and the seeds were likely tossed they were In wide open areas. the 1st one was 6" from pavement on the backside of a parking where the water from runoff goes lot the second was below my friends window go figure..
  15. ya dude, indoor/outdoor and what kind were u able to get ur hands on so fast?

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