How did you meet ur dealer?

Discussion in 'General' started by dankfrank, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. i recently moved and i no longer have a hook up. i can still get if i go home for the weekend but i cant seem to find any other tokers in my new town. what methods do you guys use to find dealers? keep in mind i live in a small town.
  2. i used eHarmony.

  3. When I went to Chicago, I had two dealers. One I worked with, the other I met off of here.

    When I moved back to Houston, I met him at a lan center I go to. He only sold dro, but then another friend I had there started selling reggie and now I buy from him. Both are very reliable and my friend always hooks me up with fat sacks

    Really I just meet them going through my regular life
  4. school i got a good weed connect

    when i lived in hood for short time i met some cats with fishscale and great e pills

    and shit pharms can be got from many people
  5. my first two dealers were friends with my cousin, so yeahh.

    and my current two dealers were handed down to me by a member on here. :)
  6. I have several that I've known since I was born....we're runs in the dealer I go through most frequently now is soon to be my son-in-law...marrying my daughter, so he cuts me some killer deals :D Got to be good to the future mom-in-law...;)
  7. Well, i was skating with two friends after school and we decided to go to the city near us for some street skating and such. And then we ended up going over to "some kid" he knows house, said he "always goes there to chill". Went inside and got handed a bong packed with ak-47, sooo... been my dealer ever since.
  8. Your best bet is at work, after a week or so. Talk to people that fit the stoner profile.
    Ex: Barely open eyes, red eyes, conspiracy theory etc.

    Then just ask them if they smoke, thats all I did.
  9. i met my dealer in the mirror, each morning, lol
  10. My 2 main dudes I met through the same friend.

    One isn't really a dealer..just does the footwork for free smoke.
  11. I met all of mine at college. Basically everyone was friendly to each other at the beginning of the year and I came back from some party and the kid asked if I smoked, said sure and ever since then he's been supplying. Other guy I just ran into and he said our room smelled like weed and if we needed any is great god damn!

  12. i wish ppl at my work smoked,,, theres just one guy that i suspect does cuz i hear shit about him and he happens to be my boss. i am afraid of asking the boss cause if he doesn't them im fucked.
  13. My brothers are my dealers, they buy from their dealer and I give them money for it.

  14. hahaha i would not ask my boss unless i was 150% sure he did smoke

  15. yeah, i know. im really in need of a hookup here tho.
  16. i met mine completely randomly at starbucks, he was infront of me in line and when they took his order he said his name was "Dan K"
    so when he got his drink it said DANK in huge letters, both of us started busting up and hes been my dealer since.
  17. Through a doctor. :p

  18. Haha, this is classic.
  19. That's awesome! :hello::smoking:
  20. random connect from a party

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