How did you learn how to grow?

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  1. Looking into growing cannabis it is simply overwhelming. I am very interested to know how anyone here learned how to grow, I'm assuming alot of people were shown by someone?

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    Read, read, read! Apply, find out that it's not so easy to apply, and then read some more.. lol 
    I personally read about growing for a solid couple years when I was a kid before I ever attempted it (didn't have the space or the means). 
    Just continuously search the web and gather as many resources as you can, you'd be amazed what kind of scholarly articles you could find.. I'll send you some links later if you're interested. 
    I always wished that I could just find someone to teach me, but it doesn't usually work out that way.. 
    Also, buy a book or two if you can.
  3. Reading, learning, and most importantly just growing. You can find all the information you need here on gc, and other growing sites.
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    start at bagseed. trial and error. read a book.
  5. Originally I did a tremendous amount of research in several forums, then did it all over again. Repetition is key to how I research.
  6. I don't have any way of venting out my grow space like putting a bathroom extractor in my closet... I don't know how to make my closet lightproof for the flowering cycle... I want to grow soil weed in my closet.
  7. What kind of room do you have to work with?

    I have learned by lots if reading and making lots of mistakes. Still am doing both. Lol
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    The closet in my room, it's just a typical closet about 3 feet wide by 8 feet long. I think I could mount the light on the rack that I hang my clothes on, but I have no way of setting up extractor systems, is extraction even necessary?
  9. You guys are lucky...there was no internet when I learned.
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    I learned to grow a long time ago. Read all the books in high school. Tried a few grows about 10 years ago, but wasnt able to do it properly until now. Really began to utilize and hone my skills just over a year ago when I joined thos site. Learned from some of the best blades GC has to offer. @[member="GoldGrower"] @[member="Yoda"] @[member="mmman"] @[member="vostok"] @everyone else who ever helped. Thanx a bunch blades :DNow I help by passing on their wisdom to other blades who want to give it a shot ;)
  11. Getting fresh air in there is important for the plants. Stale air is no good. What about heat, that gonna be an issue in that small space?
  12. Your absolutely right!! I feel very fortunate, lol.
  13. "I learned it by watching you!" - Reference to a 1980s anti-drug PSA.  :smoke:
  14. this website
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    I can easily put normal oscillating fans in the closet, and I have an AC unit in my room that vents outside, I can adjust the temperature in my room of that, not sure if that would help the closet.
  16. but Eds book was soooo informative.......
    Get cheap soil, cheap pots, bag seed , and some florescent lights.
    Literally you can get started for $40 or less.
    Some people spend $1,000 to get started and and have no clue what they are doing.
  18. I'm still learning. I may always be "still learning". But I started by planting germinated seeds in dirt, and then over watering the fuck out of them. Then I learned these plants don't do so well out in the cold. Then I learned that where I live is too damp and all my effort turned to mold and rot. I'm currently competing for space in the house where I have some control over temps and humidity. But I'm determined to find the tits on this sow. It's all knowledge gained to be applied to the next grow. There's a lot of confusion posted here, but I just try to take what makes sense to me and give it a shot. I keep in mind that some people have 10 years experience, and some people have 1 year experience 10 times. So far it's been an interesting hobby and I ain't finished yet.
  19. What about hooking up a ehxaust fan linked to a carbon filter then run the tube into your air con unit?

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