How did you find GrassCity?

Discussion in 'General' started by PSG, Mar 26, 2015.

  1. How did you find the site/forums?

    I think I was Googling stuff about how to not get caught up or something, and then like a year later (like a month ago) finally decided to create an account. Still lightweight new I guess.

    What's your story?
  2. Goggling cancer treatment options when my youngest brother had it bad. Liked what I saw here and had to join. :smoke:
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  3. I was recovering from surgery and googled "grass" the rest is history....
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  4. Googled random questions and always found myself here. I actually respected the city and didnt join till I could lmao
  5. been lurkin for a while but anyways...back around...07-08, i looked up something related to cannabis, probably bong downstem related, found this site and continued coming back for info and laughs and sense of community amongst us blades....the rip threads, pandoras box truly was that, the milkshot thread on gc!!!! holy shit that was like the youtube of our ' is still, to me, such a great collective of humans and ideas and channels of art....the rest is "hit"story
  6. A search about epilepsy, postictal activity and grass brought me here.
  7. I looked up "how to roll a blunt"
  8. Looking up weed related questions.
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  9. Literally looked up "Cannabis Forums" because I was so bored.
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  10. I was looking or lawn care advice and ended up here. Now I'm a stoner. :(
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  11. I was googling marijuana related questions and you had the best answers and the best smart ass answers, figured I'd join to help share what I know to the community.
  12. Question about growing.
  13. i don't even remember that was nearly a decade ago
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  14. was looking for an alternative to pro-ana (anorexia) forums after I was discharged from inpatient treatment, I was constantly googling questions about MJ and appetite.. GC would always pop up so finally I made an account 
  15. I had questions on my first grow attempt and the first cannabis forum I signed up for had a 24 hour wait period.

    Grasscity let me sliide right in..
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  16. i found it quite delightful.
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  17. [​IMG][​IMG]
    just the kind of answer we've come to expect[​IMG]
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  18. StumbleUpon brought me to a weed forum? And I was like oh ya ima look up marijuana forums. This was way better then roll it up.
  19. I don't recall exactly; it was about six years ago now.  I had smoked on occasion for a few years, but was still pretty ignorant about stoner culture.  I think it was something along the lines of not being able to find my roller, and looking for an alternative method to smoke (I can't hand roll worth a shit).
    I kinda wish I could read my first posts to see how I've changed over the years [​IMG]
  20. It appears I've smoked away any recollection of finding the beloved grasscity.

    I think it started with me and a buddy googling something and ending up in the old Pandoras box, I lurked whatever threads I needed information from and eventually made an account
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