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How Did You Exercise Today?

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by Durchii, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. Very true my thighs and calfs were killing me lol.
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    I did not know how to deal with excess weight and turned to a nutritionist for help. he advised me to do cardio regularly. running is contraindicated for me and I decided to choose cycling. I read about best price e bikes and chose a cool and inexpensive bike for myself. thanks to daily cycling, I lost 10 kilograms in 3 months. I do not want to stop there
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  3. Walked the dog for an hour or so, and I'll be biking a bit later.
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  4. So far, its just been my mouth -eatin
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  5. Can definitely relate with that one!
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  6. I ran 2 miles. I used to be able to run 13 but smoking weed put a nix on that. Gotta keep this bod tight n toned(ish) for the ladeeez! Jk i'll never have a beautiful body again, not that it matters when no one sees it.
  7. did some yoga and ab workouts
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  9. Lately I've set the beeper to go off every 15 sec for 50 rounds. In those 15 seconds you can set reps of various exercises but keep the form and pace and keep moving. Sometimes I do this workout 2x a day.
    I've gotten some hardcore workouts this way.
  10. 700 sit ups, 700 push ups w/ 8 lb weight vest, 98 concentration curls pyramid weight reps from 25lbs up to 45 lbs max, 40 pull ups, 135 reps 10 lb dumbbell curls, 60 reverse sit ups, 1.75 mile run and 1.75 mile cool down walk. fuckin A, I'm glad this is the 5/5 work outs this week. very much looking forward to two light active recovery days before it hit it hard again.
  11. 700 pushups? Regular pushups? Maybe you could gain more strength from this exercise if you choose a variant of pushups you can only perform 10 of. If strength is the goal.

    I have been biking to the next Town over.(38km) some times. This time i went back and forth(on my new e-bike) was Nice. And my thighs and back does not Hurt as much today as i expected. Feels good
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    the goal is to be doing 120 push ups in 2 min. right now im maxing out around seventy in a litte over one minute but i haven't done it without the weight vest in awhile so it could be higher. So i just keep increasing the number i do a night when it gets easy to increase endurance. I do high intensity intervals. two minutes exercise two minutes breather. rinse and repeat.
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  13. Good going man. Sounds like a high intensity workout. Do you pause between exercises or is it no breaks there ? Only on the sets

  14. No pauses. two mins of push ups, two minute break, two minutes sit ups, two minute break, two minutes concentration curls, two minute break, repeat. once those are done i move on to the pull ups, reverse sit ups and dumbbell flyes. finish with the run. I do this 5x a week( except the pull ups i do 3x a week. still working on those) and try to do something light on the weekend. usually a relaxed hike or surfing if the waves are good and i'm not too beat up.
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  15. I try to do exercises 4-5 times a week for half an hour. I started doing this recently, 2 weeks ago. I am more interested not in losing weight, but in improving my health. At work, I sit at the computer. Because of this, my back always hurts. So I want to strengthen the muscles of the whole body. If I exercise regularly, I feel more energetic, active and enduring. I hope that I will not stop doing exercises, because sometimes I am very lazy, especially after a hard day's work.
  16. Four workouts a week today relaxing as I'm relaxing now, it's great
  17. Just started going to the gym again. Did base exercises today. Squats, bench w. Manuals, military press and deadlift. + a couple bodyweight exercises. Feels good.

    Aiming for a version of the texas method(for those familiar with it) 3 times a week.

    As one ages the fitness goals tend to change

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