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How Did You Exercise Today?

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by Durchii, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. I figured that with all the Blades that frequent this part of the forum, not all of them have the time or patience to start their own Workout Log, so I've decided to make this thread!

    In a nutshell, come in, tell us what you've done today, this week, this month, even this year to build a healthier body and lifestyle. This can include everything from riding your bike to class or work instead of taking your car, walking your dogs, or full-on hitting the gym.

    Feel free to post Workout Sets and Reps, but let's not turn this into a dick measuring contest. Good competition between Blades is welcome, but no bitching, fighting or going E-Thug. I just don't wanna see it.


    Post away, guys! I'll kick the thread off in a few minutes with my next message.
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  2. I don't keep a detailed log or anything but I go to the gym on campus every morning around 6AM and do 5 sets of 8 reps on every machine. Then after school and after I go home and blaze a bit I go to my local gym and do the same thing, followed by a 30 minute jog, followed by 1/4 mile laps in the pool.
  3. Well. My ankle is finally better enough for me to go back to my intense and ass kicking kickboxing workouts. I will be at the gym at 6 today doing 30 mins of intense cardio, some weight training, and then working on my fighting skills. Then I'll come back to my room, stretch out, do some yoga for balance and flexibility purposes, then shower.

    I go to the gym about 5-6 times per week, but on the days I don't go, I at least do some form of working out in my room. :D
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  4. I was on a pretty heavy workout plan then got pretty sick and took a break. Starting up again this week (Probably lost 5-10 pounds of weight lifting progress over the past month) but yeah... hitting my bedroom gym 4 days a week starting next week on Monday.

    Also when its nice out I go with some friends and play basketball for fun. Last time we were there my friends nephew and nieces were down. Some Russians from across the road from the court came up and joined in and it ended up being like 5v5.
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  5. I hit the gym last night with primary focus on my core. I used to keep a pretty decent log of my reps, but I really had no time yesterday. The buddy I went with kept bugging the shit out of me to hit the Bench Press and Incline, but it wasn't what I was working on last night, so I spotted him, but told him that I wasn't Benching.

    I'm still thinking about just going by myself, as this guy is the biggest one-upper you will ever meet in your life. If I'm doing 110 on Low Row, he'll bump it up to 130 even if he can't do it just to show me up. I would figure he was just higher-up than me if he wasn't an asshole about it, too. "Dude, I'm so much stronger than you." I'm not working out to fight you, fuck.


    I've been doing some pretty steady cardio the past few days, too. I ran two miles yesterday and walked for about 3/4 mile as a cool off, and today I hit the Treadmill for two miles, took my bike out for three and walked my dogs.

    It's been a shitty week, but I feel fantastic nonetheless.

  6. I need to switch gyms, I'm thinking.

    My school has an Incline Bench, Flat Bench, Two Treadmills and a Spinning Bike. My gym is cheap, which is why I go there, but they don't have much of what I'm looking for and the machines are always taken.

    There's another one across town I want to sign up with, but it's $50 a month I don't have right now.

    But it has a fucking steam room...

  7. Durchii, your friend gives me the giggles. He reminds me of the classic highschool football player. Bigger is better! WOO! haha funny thing is being able to bench more doesn't mean punching harder, or faster, or being a better fighter.
  8. Nope, not at all. He's just cocky. One day it's going to get him beaten by someone a hell of a lot stronger than he is, unfortunately.

    He's my room mate and I've known him most of my life, but sometimes I just have to tell him, "Buddy, I love ya, but you're a fucking asshole."

  9. i make myself do 50-100 pushups every day. usually do like 20 or so when i wake up, then do 2 sets of 25 after i eat. then like a hour before i go to sleep, i do 50 more.

    i bought an ab lounge but i have never used it. i dont know why i cant get myself to start, i need to work my midsection pretty bad.
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    Just started my workout plan a few days ago. Have taken 3 days off because I went in superhard and wasn't ready for it after 6 months of heavy inactivity.

    I only do bodyweight exercises. Hindu Pushups/squats, one legged squats, one armed pushups, dips, handstand pushups, bear crawls, .etc

    I look scrawny and nerdy at 160, my ideal look is between 185-205. Due to muscle memory I put on about 10-15 lbs in 10 days...

    So basically I can get fit very shortly and I do this all the time.. Workout for 30 days, get big (as much as I like), then dont do shit for 6 months where I shrink back down and then start up again.

    My routine is super high variation, never doing the same thing twice (will blow you up in 2 seconds), and no set days..Just going off of feeling. Pushing right the brink of overtraining but stopping right before I get set back.
  11. Ah, sweet!

    A friend of mine across town is joining the service in the next couple months and needs to get rid of his Punching Bag (Has nowhere to store it). He said he was planning selling it for $100 on Craigslist but would let it slide to me for $50 if I'm interested. Fuckin' A, I'm interested.


    He didn't specify the color, but he said it was a full sized UFC Bag.

  12. My arms are still incredibly sore (Along with the rest of my body) from hitting the gym yesterday, but I still managed to do some Dumbell Curls with each arm.

    I don't have much at-home equipment, so I had to use a 10 Pound Dumbell in each hand until fail (Took a good while, but I definitely feel it). Wish I could find the other one, damn it...


  13. Wanna spar?:p
  14. Its almost 4pm and I'm still laying in bed ... I gotta get ready for work soon, today is a lazy day.
  15. I went mountain biking. Did about 7 miles today, and 5 yesterday. Feels good :D I'm gonna have such a low tolerance when my t-break is over. I think ill do some chin-ups tonight.
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    A Semi-Functional Aikido Student fighting with an ass-kicking, orange-haired Kickboxing Legend?

    Would be a really short fight, but sure!

  17. I took a nice long walk today.
  18. That would be so nice to have a bag. Thats the one thing my home gym is missing right now is a bag.
  19. I've been meaning to get one for the longest time. Punching and kicking at a bag is a great upper body/cardio workout... beats the shit out of you after a while though, in a good way. I live in a, for the most part, unfinished basement with the ceiling rafters still exposed, so I can just hang it from there. Voila.


    My gym has one right now, but there must be something psychological about me using it right out in the open in front of everyone else. Just can't seem to bring myself to do it.
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    I keep telling my friend who has the same basement exposed rafters setup that he needs to get a bag haha. I want one but the only way I can get one in my room would be to buy one of those gigantic stands which would mean getting rid of my bed for space. I'd feel weird right out in the open on a bag myself hah.

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