How did my bong break!?

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  1. This happened a while ago, but looking at grasscity's store made me want to ask this...

    anyways, I ordered a Molino Mad Scientist v3 and it came, looked perfect, hit perfect and all that. The third day I had it, my friends came over to my apartment to smoke. With a fresh bowl packed, my friend hands me the bong to do the honors. I grab it and as his hand leaves the bong, everything below what I'm holding just drops to the ground and shatters....we probably stared at the shattered bong for at least a minute or two without saying a word.

    For an idea of what fell off, I was left with just a vertical glass pipe while the I guess fish bowl, or bottom part of the bong where water goes had fallen and shattered. How could this have happened!? The bong had never left my desk, so it couldn't have been bumped or hit. Could it have occurred during shipping or handling? Could I have gotten a refund from GC? I didn't think it was possible because we had already used it with bud. My guess was that there was too much weight with the water in the bong and the bottom just separated.

    Anyways, if no one can answer my questions, this is just a sad story of a bong inexplicably breaking :(
  2. Any pets? Your dog coulda knocked it over and put it back together and on your desk (you didn't know dogs could do that while you're gone?).
  3. Heat-seeking missiles, blood hounds, foxes, barracudas ?
  4. That's China glass for ya.
  5. yea man haha

    sounds like an impact shatter that had been there for a minute.

    it probably got hit or kocked pretty hard, so all the weight on the bottom just ripped the glass apart where it was already breaking apart.

    or whoever blew it did a shitty job.

    the only molino worth ordering imo is the premium straight tubes. they are durable if you can take care of em. they really only good cause theyr cheap.
  6. It was probably damaged during or before shipping. A nice hard hit will make it weak or even break it in to two clean pieces. You should tell them exactly what happened and ask them to exchange it.
  7. Maybe your friends knocked it over and it broke but they didn't want to tell you so they put the top on the bottom and held it from the bottom, handed it to you and then it fell and broke. I don't know that's what I thought of when I read your OP
  8. [quote name='"SiDankies"']Heat-seeking missiles, blood hounds, foxes, barracudas ?[/quote]

    I'm shocked when you say things like that
  9. Yep...its the china glass... that stuff just spontaneously cracks.

    U didnt know????

    Only glass that doesnt break is extra heavy wall boro... DUHHHHH

    Oh wait... thats not right.


  10. Ahahahahaha
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    It must of already had a split in the glass and the force of the water and gravity finally made the split give in :s

    all I can think of, but that sucks lol I can imagine just staring at it for a few moments in complete silence like 'wtf just happened :eek:'

    Edit: google'd the bong - yeah I can imagine a crack in the indent below the percolator chamber causing the problem
  12. I would say that'z a production problem and you could get a replacement well atleast i think you should. FFS bongs aren't supposed to just fall in half :laughing:

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