How deep can you go?

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  1. Go. Start swimming
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    Time explained:

    Ever passing, yet effortlessly still.
    All moments are contained in this one as this one is contained in all moments.
    Time passes away, yet it remains so it cannot truly pass away.
    If it passed away, there would be gaps of time missing.
    But as time is whole, it doesn't seem to move.
    It appears as waves in the ocean, itself being the unchanging ocean.
    Or the streaks shown above, it itself entirely unmoved.
    Recognize that within a dewdrop, there is the fullness of the universe.
    Within this one time, all of the times.
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    I am being time, time being.
    I am time being, being time.
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    If the present and the future
    Depend on the past,
    Then the present and the future
    Would have existed in the past.

    If the present and the future
    Did not exist there,
    How could the present and the future
    Be dependent on it?

    If they are not dependent upon the past,
    Neither of the two would be established.
    Therefore neither the present
    nor the future would exist.

    By the same method,
    The other two divisions--past and future
    Upper, lower, middle, etc.,
    Unity, etc., should be understood.

    A nonstatic time is not grasped
    Nothing one could grasp as
    Stationary time exists.
    If time is not grasped, how is it known?

    If time depend on an entity,
    Then without an entity how could time exist?
    There is not existent entity.
    So how can time exist?
  5. lol wtf (figured I'd bump this for ya)
  6. you can think about many things, yet get nowhere.
  7. it is a relation of the earths position to the suns as they move. Time from our perspective is like a movie. you're always now. future depends on past and now because of cause and effect.. probably the key to our existence, really.

    remember time in its measureable and "most accurate" form are a load of crap. daylight savings time , leap years.. cmon its all a joke used to control us (or keep us on TIME together) we wake up a new day but the same routine (similar routine) we do not process the idea o it becoming a new day we simply cross yesterday off and get dressed for today.

    Time, as we currently understand it, is bogus.

    Humans are but centipedes.. baby legs on one end, old people legs on the other
  8. I think our measurement of time is amazing! Especially when you consider that such an ancient civilisation (Mayans) created it without any of the tools or technology that we have today. It was basically by observation of constellations and repeating patterns.
  9. of course it's amazing
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    However amazing it may be, how good is it if not properly understood?

    What is the nature of time?

    How is it that it seems to be ever passing yet remaining? It doesn't appear and just disappear, it remains beyond both.
  11. I see it as time is the evolution of matter. It can only be measured when related to two separate objects made of matter. Look up Toma..

    Toma: the distance/time that separates two things. In Kendo, it means the precise distance to carry out a movement or technique....
  12. Couldn't you say "time" is a result of the limited perspective of our 3rd dimensional human brain? We can't grasp something flowing, or being in more than one state at once, like energy, and so we invent this concept of "time" to explain things, when really all space and time is just "different" aspects of one thing.
  13. It is the motion of one state of being (from atoms to humans/mammals to the universe as a whole)to the next that creates our idea of time.. evolution basically.
  14. Time is an illusion :cool:
  15. The illusion is the illusion. :smoke:
  16. Chuck norris
  17. How deep can I go?

    How deep is the pool?
  18. I see what others may see as an illusion , as an illusion. What's the illusion? Can't we easily think of it as a reference to reality? lol nothing is more guaranteed than that, and that is the truth. There is no stepping out of the matrix, you are in the matrix and will be till you are 6 ft under. then you'll just be 6 ft under the matrix. Without filters, only our souls know the path to the middle way because in this state things can get fuzzy sometimes , black is white, white is black. Life is fair, fair to no one that's why.
  19. the only true peace, is in death.
  20. Time is what happens when nothing else does.


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