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How Dank is Dank?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by nahitscool, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. I live in SD and there are many many dispensaries around. Recently ive found out that the dispensary next door has much better quality bud. So now that ive been smoking on this stuff im wondering is this as good as the bud gets or will there always be a strain of marijuana whos thc will exceed the last one?
  2. Well i know scientists keep creating new and new strains so i beleive it will always get higher until near %100thc is somehow possible. And i know their is a doctor who claims he has breeded a plant with %40 thc content. Cant confirm that but ive been told
  3. %40 of thc would be CRAZY! A+ to science
  4. dude are you sure? "scientists"? i might be wrong but as far as i know we get most of our shit from the rastas in the north and home growers. I dont think theres some under ground government base where scientists are making budd like in pineapple express. hahaha
  5. concentrates have a way higher thc percentage than any bud out there...give em a shot sometime.

    Your welcome.;)
  6. I dunno, but I've gotta find those hits of acid! God dammit! They're here somewhere.
  7. HOLY SHIT i know.... the dispensary i used to go to had a buy a 8th get a gram concentrate free. I brought it home and didnt expect much....the first time i smoked it i started coughing....and by the time that i was done....i forgot why i was coughing. haha
  8. haha. yea bro. Always good to be smokin some hash, budder etc.:smoking:
  9. lol the only way to get 100% is pretty much hash. Because there are still other chemicals besides thc so it wouldn't technically be 100% thc
  10. yeah but its so expensive. and also hard core concentrate stoners use those expensive bubblers and torch...yeah i love getting high in between getting on the but and the trolly i would hate losing smoking mobility.
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    Ever heard of seed banks and breeders? They would be pot scientists. They do exist. There are actually colleges for the marijuana industry now. Botanists and horticulture experts make excellent "pot scientists".
  12. Come up north and you'll find strains that exceed just about anything. Really though, the buds will pretty much always gets better. Not only do strains keep getting stronger, you build up a tolerance to one strain and switching to another makes it seem stronger even if they're really equal in potency.
  13. if i could materialize this quote i would fuck it and name our baby after you.
    thats so true about switching to different strains.
  14. LMAO :yay:
  15. pretty damn dank....
  16. But if you touch hash does it absorb into your skin like the thc on your bud? im to lazy to make a new thread to ask this.
  17. ^ if you clone yourself and fuck the clone is it gay or masturbation?

    think about it.

    and no i don't think much thc will absorb into your skin if you touch hash, its almost 99% thc anyway so theres plenty of it there

  18. Kinda makes me wish I chose to become a scientist.

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