How dangerous are Shrooms?

Discussion in 'General' started by persondudeguy, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. Anything to be concerned about? How much should I eat the first time to hallucinate?
  2. naw man, not much to worry about. just remember thatif it looks fake, it usually is and if it looks real, it usually is. how much you take to fry depends on what kind of shrooms they are and info about you/your body.
    generally, i would prescribe half an 8th for pretty much everyone.
  3. Psylocybes are, "The ones that stain blue", as is known. The fresh mushroom bruises easily and stains a purple/blue color. There are also many species of psylocybes, and you might want to read up on all of them so someone doesn't sell you a Liberty Cap (lethally poisonous mushroom) to try and trip off of...the problem there is, the poison takes awhile to get in your system, but once it starts affecting you, it's usually too late. You would have to eat a LOT of psylocybes to die. Psylocin and (Ibotenic Acid??) are the two things that most shrooms contain. Psylocin is the tripping constituent, and Ibotenic Acid is the part that will give nausea and vomiting...depending on many factors....

    do NOT eat any shroom that looks rotten or moldy, the mold and bacteria that grows in the environment (sterile environments aside) shrooms do could make you very sick or kill you.
  4. That may depend on the kind of shroomz you're taking, but in general shroomz aren't dangerous.
    My first trip on shroomz was rediculously intense. I have never been more fucked up in my life. I was at the point of being sedated during my peak. i was rolling around on the floor making strange noises cuz everything that i saw was a distorted colorful fantasy. I was immobilized but insanely satisfied.
    I'm not saying don't take them, tripping on shroomz was among the best experiences of my life. However DO go into that trip with friends you completely trust, get a sober sitter if you want to. Don't take more than you think is necessary. Shroomz kick in a 1/2 hour to an hour.
    2nd always ALWAYS find out as much information as possible about a drug before trying it. thats how people OD, ignorance. goto, its a date base. look up either shroomz or psychocylbin (something like that).
    Have fun tripping, i know i did. =)
  5. dude, liberty caps aren't "lethally poisonous"

    they're a type of psylocybe mushroom which grows in england.

    in fact, they're quite weak compared to the mexican cubensis.
  6. alright man, i have done shrooms before, just rember to eat them with peanut butter, if you dont they, taste like shit, an dont smell them, they smell like shit and it will take you longer to get them down, mind over body, one of those things, and then if you want to get a good trip, before you even eat the shrooms, get a big deal of orange juice!! and then chug it!! it is nice!!!!!!!! have fun!!!
  7. I think they taste's better to eat them separately
  8. Your biggest concern is that you get actual shrooms, and not something else. Don't pick 'em yourself and make sure you get them from a reliable dealer.

    Health-wise, though, you shouldn't have any ill-effects from a normal dose of shrooms (unless you have a bad trip.)

    Shrooms are awesome, but they're not something to be taken lightly. Few things are more terrifying than a bad shroom trip (i.e. a bad acid trip).
  9. Do you know how long shrooms keep. I shroomed three weeks ago and am goin to again next weekend. I plan on buyin a bunch this time, but how long will it last if i have extra. the ones i got last time are already dry, so how long will they last

    EVERYONE SHROOM ON LEAP DAY!!!! (the 29th, this is not yelling)
  10. Shrooms shouldn't be dangerous as long as you treat them with respect and do them in the proper atmosphere. As for eating em, I just munch em down, keep em in my mouth a while, and follow them with a glass of orange juice. Personally, the taste doesn't really bother me much. Think of it as stale popcorn. ;)
  11. ive been thinking about trying shrooms for a while, now too. i still have to read up on them and such, though.

    another idea of mine was to try this shit called Salvia Divinorum. They sell it on grasscity. it's a halucinagen which only lasts 15-20 minutes when smoked. supposed to be really intense, and is much more cost-effective as well.

    any ideas on that?

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