How could you do a continuous scrog harvest?

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  1. Hey, i am starting a scrog grow, and wanted to know how I could get a harvest every couple of weeks or so from it. I'm using a 6 plant bubble bucket under a 250 watt hps (with a few cfls to support). I know I'll need to make a separate cloning chamber, but am pretty confused beyond that point. I read that big faq on how to get a harvest every 2 weeks with sog but how could i apply this to scrog. let me know, guys. thanks!
  2. just plant 2 and let them grow and plant another 2 weeks after that and so on.
  3. hmmm how many CFL's to support? I know at max I can get 6 under my 400w hps. You might wanna invest in a bunch of mylar or think about cutting down on the number of plants. Or just get like 5 or 6 CFL's, I don't really know what your thinking here.

    But to answer your question. Do what he said ^^^ and just follow the stem haha.
  4. well, currently, i have about 125 watts of cfls. the reason i wanted to do lots of plants is because i'm using bagseed for my first grow and am worried about getting a bunch of males. i know having too many plants would stunt my grow during the vegging stage, but once i switch to flowering and pull out the males, would my plants be okay?
  5. yea thell be straight i got a 250w now wit 4 plants under it ,but deff. use them cfls
  6. If you have a 6plant bubble bucket system than you won't be able to harvest a couple plants at a time because the plants are at all different stages of growth and you only have one res. To feed them all the propper way would be imposible. You could pull it off if they each had their own bubble bucket, then you could feed them according to their stage of growth. I have also seen each bucket system with their own screen.
  7. You could do a mobile SCROG. Each container gets its own screen setup.

    Each bucket can be moved around, watered easily, etc.

    Basically just chicken wire folded into the soil on two sides, that forms a canopy over it.


    I don't know why this method hasn't caught on more..

  8. do you think mobile scrogging would work well with auto flowers?
  9. I don't think SCroGing or LST would have much effect on autoflowering strains at all, simply not enough time to train.
  10. Easy..With one of these on each pot you got modular scrog..


    here's what they look like at the store..


    they are all over the place in Cali..and they are the fucking shiznizzle bizzle in the hizzle

    home depot etc. But if you really can't find them they are on the net: do a search for "grow through plant supports"

  11. You can't scrog in 2 weeks. Not possible. The whole point of a scrog is to let your growth grow under the screen first. Then weeks later when its full, letting the buds grow upwards. Just not gonna happen every 2 weeks. Plus, you also are not just sliding the screen out of your current grow. All that has to be cut out. Not a super simple process. If you are looking for a perpetual harvest, SOG is the way to go, not scrog.
  12. I have been using a ScrOG and the yields are simply insane. It takes some practice training and topping, and it takes some patience since the veg cycle will be a bit longer to accommodate the recovery from low stress training (LST).

    BadAxe is right - SOG will give you a more consistent harvest, but in a limited grow space, ScrOG provides the maximum yield per foot of grow space.

    These are a couple of ScrOGs that I built for one-plant grows. Can you imagine one plant that has a thick kola bud in every hole? Dude it's insane! Let me know if you want some ScrOGs like this made - they are simple to make and have corner hangers on them to suspend them from the top of your grow space.


  13. hey 420prez you an upholsterer by any chance?
  14. nope. web designer.
  15. Oh, looked like a good stapler used, high power pneumatic.
  16. I have 4 totes: 24l x 16w x 9h 4plants per tote in a verticle scrog along the wall.
    8 plants 4weeks and 8 plants at 8 weeks. rinse/repeat.
  17. Yeah, the wood is soft, so a regular upholstery stapler from the hardware store did the trick. Those ScrOGs take me 20 minutes to make and work perfect!
  18. dont scrog autos..1 hermies...hate ta have ta dig that bitch out of the screen...and not enough time to take advantage...get solid strain femmed or grow out and select reg seeds...what i barneys farm lsd or red dragon..or all mandala gear...


    my 2 plant scrog...18.5 zip wet...nirvana ak-48:smoking:you could run 4 scrogs 3 week apart
  19. that is a perfect example of a ScrOG gone wild. Nice work man. Nice even canopy and thick healthy buds! ScrOG the world.
  20. wow i have to look into this method for sure....

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