How could I design a passive intake exhaust in this growroom

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  1. hello GC ,
    Okay I have a spare 10' x 10' x 7' room available for this upcoming grow.  I usually use my grow tent which already have the intake and exhause vents built in them.  I am renting this house so I cant just start drilling away holes into the walls. I will be using 4 (1000 watt) 6" air cooled hoods which I have a 8" inline fan which I also have a 8 x 6" reducer for.  All suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
    Also I will be making sure everything is air sealed/light proofed properly.
    I attached some pics of the Room


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    take out the ceiling fan and pipe the hot air into the hole created by the fan, expand it if necessary. You can patch it up later very easily.
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    You know 4,000w is a bit more then a house is usually wired for in a bed room. You will need to add a sub panel.
    I just added a 60 amp load center for my grow room to handle 6,000W plus fans , and pumps. and added 2 20 amp breakers for my two 1,000s to run on.
    I had to run #6 - 3 power cable to the sub panel be on the safe side.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion professor I was thinking about possibly doing that but about the 4000w for the bedroom ill be having an electrician install a Titan Controls Helios 12 - 8 Light 240v Lighting Controller w/ Dual Trigger Cord in the room.  I was thinking about opening the windows up, cut a 8" hole in some plywood then board up the windows and insert a 8" Ideal-Air Duct Collar Air Tight - 8 Inch 8" NEW inside the hole that I've made in the plywood and run a 8" inline through that.  
  5. no more suggestions?
  6. Window worked great for me. Took 2 pieces of plywood, plus a little bit of 1x1"s.

    Made the first piece of plywood so it fits while the A/C is in the window and then added the holes in it for the 2 vents. At this point it would preform the task but also seemed incredibly obvious so I cut a new piece of plywood but didn't put the vent holes, use 1x1" to space the two pieces of plywood and also to segregate the intake and exhaust ducts. I was worried the intake would just end up pulling the exhaust back into the room so directing their streams seemed important to me. Paint black or match the house's paint. My window was already blacked out, so I went black.

    The only real problem I would have with this is the year round a/c in my window, but it was like that years before I started growing so I overlooked it personally. I'm no poet, hope it made sense. It's really no harder then prepping a window for an a/c

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