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  1. Ive read most of this hooplah about the paper towel method and i tried it.and the presoaking to soften up the shell,and scraping the outsides to weaken them but,my method is generally rapid rooter soiless plugs in a propigation tray with a seedling warming mat under very well.oh yeah and no nute for 2-3 weeks or when they start to show signs of wanting more.
    So yesterday doing my daily checks in my res's when i noticed something floating in it fished it out yup a seed how i dont even know.The weird part is I always transplanted from the towel @ about half an inch growth this one was long enough iwas afraid of bending it up putting it in the plug.This res was @ 600 ppm full on growth 6th week why did it germ so well like this?
    Also will it need to continue with root emersion to thrive if so will suspending it above the res on styrofoam floats really work?
    New things every day damn I love this shit!!!
  2. Hahah... so you found a seed floating in your rez and are asking us how it got there?

    It was me?


    Good luck growing that one out... might end up a mutant!
  3. well no go pulled it putit in my standard medium and roots dried out like 2 days later is ok still have like 16 or so definite fems and 5 more coming up just gonna keep on and hope i dont screw this up too badly

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