How come??

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Big Poppa Puff, Feb 7, 2003.

  1. This is a Friday afternoon pondering. Give it some thought before answering.

    How come you can grow MJ hydro style where the roots are completely saturated in water and it grows great.

    But if you grow MJ in soil, if the roots get saturated, it kills the shit out of the plant.

    How is MJ adaptable to growth in two distinct environments?

    Also, if you are growing MJ in a hydro solution and you fill the pot up with dirt, will the soil kill it?
  2. or even another one for you...if you were to grow in soil....and put in the nutes from hydro...i mean the whole lot......would it live??.....maybe it's because in the hydro it gets to move the roots, while in soil it's stuck?....Peace out....Sid
  3. I'm gonna guess because of aeration. In soil the roots don't get enough oxygen to them and it's like their pores get clogged...just a guess.
  4. when groing hydro the roots are not soaking in nutrients 24/7 ther on a timer mine get fed 3 times a day at a 1/2 hour at a time ther growing rock wool cubes when growing in soil its very easy to over water because the soil absorbs the water causing the roots to stay soaked which it turn will cause fungus or root rot just to mention a couple of things hydro mediums do not absorb the nutrients as much

  5. In the bubble bucket method they are soaking in water 24/7!
  6. i dont think its about the water...but the fungi that grows in a saturated soil that smothers the plant.

    but that is a good question...wish i knew

  7. Either a good question or one of those "Buddha" stones with stoner wisdom. :D
  8. hey bpp not familar with the bubbler system I checked out the article on overgrow about the bubblers I would have to say because of the airation Im gonna give it a shot and try it Im an old time eb/flow man myself
  9. I still don't think anyone can figure this out and neither can I. You can grow MJ hydroponically and it turns out great, And you can grow in soil and it turns out great. But if you grow in soil and put too much water on it, it kills it dead, but when its grown hydroponically with nothing but water it doesn't kill it.

    So I guess my question is why does too much water when growing soil kill Mj, but when you have nothng but water hydro style it doesn't kill it?
  10. HIGH All, ok I'll answer. BB's have excellent oxygen bubbling around the roots thus giving them what they need most "oxygen"...soil when saturated has no oxygen around the roots and can't recieve oxygen under water...results...drowning. Am I close?
  11. i think uniot is right......that makes sence.............keep growwin
  12. If unoit is right then I know what I'm talkin bout too.
    =P (my smilies is still down)
  13. HIGH All, yup!!!

  14. Hell if I know, that is why I was asking the question. But it sounds reasonable.
  15. HIGH All, it's why I waited days to answer...and I thought it was a test *LOL*.

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