How come my plant isn't that bushy??

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by the_dabster, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. Hey everybody, I was just curious as to why my plants not that bushy?? I know I need to get more lights, is that why though??[​IMG]
  2. LST if you want a bushier plant. Depends a lot on strain also.
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  3. What kind of light? More light, bigger pot, more training, topping, lst, will get you a bushy plant.
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  4. I think it's supposed to be gorilla glue. But not really sure. My brother gave me the seed and he couldn't remember where it came from.
  5. It's a 45w light. I know for sure I need more light, just takes money. The pot should be plenty big. I just put it in this one about a week ago[​IMG]
  6. Also I suggest removing those 2 dead/dying leaves (lower right is almost in the dirt..)
    Your pooch is showing a very keen interest in your plant...Smokes does she..? :roflmao:

    BTW:If that really is GG, I want a sample.:p
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  7. Lmao! Those leaves have been gone. This is an old picture when I moved it into the new pot. And yes, Yes, she loves to smoke with me hahaha. I'm hoping it's gorilla glue!!

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  8. Here's what she looks like right now.[​IMG]
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  9. Yummm..Nice work..Looks like GG structure..:)
    Never too late for a Lil training:)
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  10. Deletedby author we go again..What's up GC??
  11. I just tied down a few branches, and just ordered some more light. I need a bigger grow space, but limited space in a travel
  12. Oh Yeahh.Bigger is better..
  13. Update on the plant. How does it look now??
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