How Close To Ready Do These Look?

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  1. Autos at almost 11 weeks


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  2. How long have they been flowering?
    To me (no expert, first grow) your about a week or 2 off harvest. Keep an eye on pistels you want above 75%ish amber or cloudy. Best thing is magnifying glass above 30x max to get best view, but that's your best method.
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  3. They have been flowering for not quite 4 weeks now. Appreciate the response! Thx

  4. You have to keep an eye on your trichome coloration, however you generally want them to flower for 7-9 weeks
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    its trich colour not pistel although some pkants you can use both(white widow) but if you lesve trichs untill 75% are amber your gonna have couch locky not ver nice weed trichs want to be 20-30% amber and rest cloudy

    clear trich no thc
    cloudy trich thc is ready
    amber is cbn degraded thc which gives couch lock and sicky feeling
  6. you want at least anothe 4 weeks you could well get a second growth of new pistels and by week 6 of flower she should bulk up and swell a bit :)
  7. It's been a total of 12 weeks in 3 days so I was hoping they would be about ready but another 4 weeks seems like an awful long time for autos...This is my first grow so all new to me, but I appreciate the responses from everyone.

  8. so they flowered at 6 weeks??
    my mates go autos thst can flower for 14 weeks so not unheard of

    most autos flower at 3 weeks
  9. well get a loup and see what colour your trichs are its the only way as pistels can go brown and another lot of flowers get produced.

    what lights and light cycle do.younhave them on

    dont cut just because ots been 12weeks if it takes longer it takes longer if then trich are not cloudy then you will have wastwd the last 12 weeks cause you coulnt wait 2-4 weeks more

    some times of you got a good cam. my s3 works fine zoom in trynto focus on the trichs as best you can and take a pic you van see them quite well but better under a loupe or microscope
  10. They started flowering at about 7 or 8 weeks I believe. They are in sunshine mix #4 and on advanced nutrients 3 part mix under a 350 watt led and several 100 watt cfl lights. I am going to grab a loop soon and check out the trichs.

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    Heres pics from this morning.

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  12. If I were you I'd take a little nug dry it smoke it three to five days later. If you like the high your ready to start chopping
  13. Looks like it needs a few more weeks. Looks like some nice dank
  14. I definitely will follow your post ledgrow1. They look good!

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