how close should they be?

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  1. how far apart should i put my plants when theyre
    in flowering stage?
    i want to get the best use of my space and dont want to waste
    any of it.
    heres some pics of my budding room which is currently
    in veg for 6/10 days, then back to 12/12hrs.
    any tips appreciated!

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  2. what? does my garden look so good that nobody wants ta tell me to add anything or get rid of anything?
    I can tell you that my temp is currently 7-10 degrees too hot and I dont know how to get it down, although my plants dont seem to be showing any signs of heat stress.
  3. Run some oscilating fans to get the heat down a bit. And you dont have to move them very far apart during flowering. Maybe 1ft at most if they are really bushy just make sure as you go that all the nodes get light if not move it further or turn it till they all do.
  4. Man, that is a bunch o plants! A grow on that scale is way beyond anything I have (or will) tried. I'd say just keep them far enough apart to keep them from shading each other.
  5. I have no need for an oscilating fan!
    theres a big 18" turbo-air fan on the floor that blows air along the opposite wall that spins the air around the room.
    circulation isnt my problem, every plant dances in the wind!

    they are approximately 10" apart, and im hoping that i dont have to space em apart cause i dont really have much space left.
  6. You asked for fucking advice on how to cool it down i told you if you dont want to use it keep it fucking hot in there. I know circulation isnt the problem but as long as you have a nice cool breeze over your plants it really doesnt matter on your temps expecially if they are barely over.
  7. Yo, my fellow newbie, that has got to be one of the dumbest things
    Ive read in awhile. you actually think that blowing hot air around
    is gonna make my plants cooler? if so, then you really have a long way to go,and you should probably just stick to reading other peoples advice, and not give any for awhile...
    also, I already stated that the air in my room is already spinning.
    so adding another fan would be pointless....and would prolly contribute to killing my babies! LoL

    Better yet, you should prolly just stick to the
    "Absolute Beginners" section!!!
  8. Then you come up with a better idea genuis Tell me oh mighty one how to cool shit down without moving more air...Go take a science class to you can have any cooling unit in there more more air movement will HELP not FIX but HELP like you wanted. And you may think newby cause i dont have 100or more post but if you dont accept all help that is the DUMBEST THINK I HAVE EVER READ.
    Plus its not like your getting any much help anywhere else maybe thats for the better that you will fail on this one just to learn to listen.
  9. listen very closely putz....moving more air isnt gonna do shit, as i already stated, anymore air movement
    and my plants will be sideways. The air needed to be exchanged at a faster rate!
    I finished grade 12 advanced science almost at the top of my class,
    and did you take a look at the size of my op?
    isnt it clear that I do have a clue?
    I got my temp down by following some good advice from another member of the City. I added 2 additional ducts from C/A...
    "NOT an oscilating fan LMAO
    average outdoor temp------------high 70's
    average outdoor humidity--------high 70's
    current temp---------------------78.5
    current humidity-----------------48%
    running 5 1000 hps in an attic
    Southern Ontario
    stick to your closet Rvds619, sounds like you need alot more practice

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