How close can I get to a 1K HPS?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by FredFigglehorn, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. So this is my first actual grow, my plants are like six feet tall and I kicked them into flower about five days ago bc I couldn't afford bloom nutes to til then, and they're probably only about 18 inches away from my light, I'm worried about bud burn but I don't have any more space horizontally to bend, is there anything I can do? received_1566882693332009.jpeg
  2. I've never done this but I read somewhere supercropping should help with this. You squeeze around the branch til you the first pop in each area. It should slow down vertical growth while the branch heals into thick knots where you super cropped. Do some research first on this technique and look into things like when would be the right time in the plants life to do this, Benefits/drawbacks. Don't just go doing things to your plant because I or any other inexperienced grower tells you. Feel confident with every decision you make by doing your own research after you get advice.

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  3. Your plants are 6 feet tall and you just started flowering? In the next 2 weeks they're going to double or triple in size :eek:
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  4. Shiiit I hope they don't lol I have an eight foot ceiling, I've been supercropping but I've run out of room horizontally too and all it does is make new tops I have to bend down my plants have exploded in the last like three weeks I don't know what to do this is not the problem I expected for my first grow lol
  5. received_10210061351752319.jpeg here's what they looked like last week, now they're taller than me (5'10) and I can't fit them into one photo lol
  6. I've read about positive and negative DIF to help control stretch but i can't change my temps much from where they're at, is there anything else I can besides cross my fingers and keep bending?
  7. Ok so let's talk about removing that ceiling..aha, I joke.. kind of ;)
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  8. Hahaha seems like that's my only option
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  9. I'd kill for some 12 footers lol guess I should have grown outside
  10. Demo that ceiling and put your ligth hold to the floor from the up floor. You will get like an extra 2ft

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  11. Like tear it out? It's not my house lol I would if I could
  12. Tie them branches down should gain a couple feet.
  13. They're already reaching to the walls I'd have no way to get around my grow room.
  14. Plus the stems are so woody they'd snap if I bend em
  15. How close can buds get to a 1k before they bleach? It's air cooled

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