How close are we to legalization? (Opinion)

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  1. In your opinion (or if you have some facts to back it up, please enlighten us), how close are we to changing the Federal Legality of Cannabis?

    What seems to be the closest milestone for us? Medical Marijuana, Recreational Decriminalization, Complete Legalization with Regulation, or Completely Unregulated.
  2. People have been saying that weed would definitely be legalized in the next 5 years since the sixties. Medical Marijuana is becoming more widely accepted and the war on drugs has failed miserably. Still, i don't think there will ever be a lot of support for legalization. Here in the Netherlands coffeeshops are already disappearing again because of the weed tourists.
  3. From all those recent polls taken this year, (I believe they were all around ~40% nationwide, 50+% west coast) we are definitely close. Seeing as how we already have majority approval in the West, I sincerely believe one of the initiatives to legalize marijuana in CA, if not both, will pass next November, 2010. And once its legalized in CA, its only a matter of time before other states follow suit. Just my two cents.
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    we dont accept payback in pieces...if it has to be legal, then it better be the whole thing (along with regulation procedures) or nothing, because one step at a time would lead to more questions and debates...and enough is enough, we are not asking for a pat in the back after all this a first step, the govt can start a nationwide official debate about legalisation and the panel may include all the experts to the common man

    information is important to win the battle...i stumbled upon jack herer's "the emperor wears no clothes" just a few days back and i am done with it... i was wondering why i missed it all these years...where was i? ... its such an eye-opener...such literature should be distributed free and loud among forums and communities like this so that the common people are better trained to defend their rights, develop an opinion...i speak from the far eastern side of the world and doing my bit to keep up with what the rest of the world is thinking

    a nice idea would be to have a registered online community of supporters from around the world who could later work as an actual vote bank while passing any referendum on mj...these set of supporters would go into tens of millions, just think...a huge moral support for activists and criminalised users
  5. As much as we don't want piecemeal, that's how it's going to happen. We have decrim in a dozen or so states as well as medical in about as many states. We have a decent shot of legalization at this point in one, maybe two states. I think when the world doesn't burn down after it's hopefully legalized in California, then people will start to be more open to the idea.

    So many industries are going to lose money or have a transfer in how their money is spent (law enforcement, alcohol, corrections), that they're going to go kicking and screaming. I think we've all ready proven to a lot of people that cannabis is far better for you than alcohol but a lot of people stand to lose out.

    That's why we have to carry on continuously, responsibly and support those states with legalization measures, even if they're not OUR states.
  6. There's more important stuff going on right now than MJ legalization and I'd be pretty upset if it's what took center stage right now. I believe we are close though.

    But they were saying that in the 70s.
  7. more important issues than legalisation like what? iraq? afghanistan? terrorism?
    wt about millions of human rights violation since 1937? wt about yellow journalism, corruption? do you know that when you sign to take up a drug test, you give up your rights? act in totaL submission?....its up to you how you priortise your issues in life but this is a forum for pot and it involves a much larger audience and much deeper sentiment than you can ever imagine...have peace

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