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How can you tell your weed is clean?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by bigus517, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. I've been smokin Sour Diesel for a while but today i bought 4 dimes from a different guy and didnt ask him what kind was it, came home and it looked very different from what i was buying, im not an idiot i know its a weed :devious: but my question is:

    How can you tell there is no other drugs mixed in your weed? :confused: Just dont want to smoke chemicals i can get physically addicted to...

  2. not many people lace weed

  3. I know but i gotta take my precautions, once we got this weed in Russia called "marakesh" so that shit was mixed with "snow" and i got really sick and needed for more next morning so i would love to smoke only herbs, not chemical drugs,

    Just wanna know if someone has had this kind of experience before or know any signs how to tell your weed is pure...
  4. What's snow cocaine? If so that's messed up I really don't know why people taint medicine with such unnatural things =\
  5. 1. It isn't laced if you bought in the states unless its a totally new and sketchy as fuck dealer.

    2. If you are buying in quantities of "dimes" you probably aren't buying actual sour diesel. Or any high quality strain for that matter.

    3. Smell it, look at it. If it doesn't smell natural or look natural, dont smoke it. Look up pictures online or something.

    4. It's not laced
  6. I've heard if the ash burns white, then your fine. But if it burns black, then personally I wouldn't smoke it.
  7. Well, 1. That's not true, it has something to do with the fertilizers and how it was grown (Im not 100% but its not because there's drugs in it)
    and 2. if the ash burns black and you know this already, you've already smoked it.

    No drug dealer in his right mind is gonna lace your bud man, you know how expensive other drugs are? Weed is dirt cheap compared to stuff we can't talk about on here. They're trying to make money, not out to murder everyone. And all the crap about "oh they put coke in it so you get addicted" is just D.A.R.E and mommy bullshit they tell you when you're a kid.

    You are absolutely, %100, fine. I promise.
  8. [quote name='"impossibilitys"']

    2. If you are buying in quantities of "dimes" you probably aren't buying actual sour diesel. Or any high quality strain for that matter.[/quote]

    What? Haha seriously? People can buy any kind, level of potency, strain, ANY kind of bud in any quantity. Dimes, dubs, pounds. I don't want to come off as an asshole, but come on.

  9. Dude, get this one day my friends and i go cop from our hook up and he ends up smoking us out cuz he likes our company. While we are there another client comes in and they go to another room chill in there for like 10 min the old hispanic guy splits and our homie comes out and packs another bowl like another 10 to 15 mins later we, my two friends and I start bug'n out we then politely dip and we then realize that it was laced.

    The next day we go back to our dealer and were like "wtf man" he then apologizes and tells us he was treating us to a good time cuz hes making good money from the coke, and truly thought we would be ok with it. since then no problems, and hes been our go to guy for bud shrooms and acid for a good while.
  10. Steephill laboratories says that 85% of Cannabis they test has some sort of mold or trace of mold on it, but only 3% of it is harmful. Just a fun fact for yo' ass.
  11. Coke around here is 40/g, don't see why anyone would lace your bud since it would be expensive for them.

  12. I think your first problem was buying from an unknown dealer in Russia haha.

    The only way to truly see if your bud is pure is to get a microscope

    Good luck :smoke:
  13. No one in here has, has gotten, or ever will get laced bud. People just don't do it.
  14. A dealer is NOT going to put in some PCP or some cocaine in his dime bags just to get some stoner kid addicted. Now what he might do, is spray it down with some febreeze or even silica powder to make it appear more crystally, and give it a more pungent smell. Long story short, if your weed is laced, its with some sort of cleaning shit, not another drug.

  15. Dimes are easier for me to count, i buy usually 3-4 dimes twice a month and im coo :smoke:
    The shit i got was actually very very good, yesterday night got so fucked up at work, took a train back home and felt like im on a space ship :cool:
    Today at the morning even 1 puff made me high, think cuz i wasnt so sober yet,
    Feels better than i used to smoke before, doesnt make me sleepy, gotta be different strain...
    Hope no other drugs involved cuz i dont feel sick

  16. Good to know, dont know much about American strains, came to the States 2 years ago and start smoking few months ago,
    In russia i used to puff every day and sometimes dealers put some shit inside to make u an addict and make u wanna buy more raising prices and u end up buying cocaine or even harder drugs, i knew few people who went this way...
    By the way dime in Russia costs 3 bucks :)
  17. hahaha I hear of so many people who sprinkle a certain unmentionable on their bud and think they're getting the sickest buzz...
    It does nothing. Weed is never laced.

  18. dude you must not have read this:


  19. Don't listen to this. There are no "high quality strains".
  20. I meant to say if it burned purely black, then it is possibly harmful and avoid if possible (fertilizers can be as harmful as lacing with drugs)... but i agree, no dealer will waste their more expensive shit on lacing weed and your bud is most likely 100% fine.

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