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How can you tell if your bud is good? is this bud good?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by WillyPete1, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. #1 WillyPete1, Oct 16, 2013
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    Just picked this up for 50$.. How can you tell if weed is good?                                 2013-10-16 14.21.57.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                    and is this weed good?
    how can you tell if its indica or sativa?

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  2. #3 Ganja ☤, Oct 16, 2013
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    Looks good to me.
    When I'm looking for good bud I look at the cut, see if its light and fluffy, the color, and look for seeds and stems.
    If I get buds and not shake, it doesn't have and seeds or stems, and it is fluffy and light, then it is usually good weed.
    Edit: Also the only way to really know if it is indica or sativa is to smoke it.
  3. if it's buds, it's good, imo.  :bongin: anything shaky, stemmy, and seedy is crap.
  4. Aren't most North American grown strains are a combination of sativa and indica?  You can usually tell which type it contains more of, because sativa is more cerebral and uplifting, while indica is a more relaxing body high.  
  5. Yeah just about every strain you're going to but in north america is going to be a hybrid usually a indica dominant one. Most people dont come across pure indicas or sativas in north america unless theyre growing it themselves and possibly in medical states with dispensaries
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    Back in the days of the imports, I used to enjoy smoking pure sativa weed, and black hash (or oil), in the same session, which created a true hybrid high.  
  7. Ive hears that back then all you guys really got were sativas, makes me envious lol ive always wanted to travel to countries like brazil, thailand, certain african countries ect. And go on a hunt for those fields that have been there for centuries to pick those pure sativa seeds out of the buds, bring them back and clone like a mad man. Hmm maybe one day, who knows
  8. Well, good luck.  Don't forget Colombia, Belize, Panama, Mexico, Jamaica, VietNam, etc.   
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  9. LoL
  10. Yeah you got you some nice shit, basically if its pretty as fuck then it's great, also nice smelling also means you're going to have a good time.
    Another trick if you get some stem, try snapping it, if it breaks easily and snaps like a twig it's more likely to be nice!
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    The look: Should look as 'clean' as possible. It should look appealing to you. Usually you want to look for bright green buds, but sometimes they can be other colors. As long as it's not brown or anything. It should also have a lot of trichomes over the bud. Trichomes look like little 'stalks'. They're pretty much little lines with a ball on the end.

    The feel: It shouldn't be overly wet, but it shouldn't be overly dry either. You want it to be fresh, not to be confused with wet. You do not want wet bud.

    The high: Should get you nicely baked. Some strains are head highs (sativa) and some are body highs.(indica) You want it to last a good amount of time. Probably atleast an hour and a half, but it can last all the way up to 3 hours, maybe 4. As long as it gets you high for more than an hour it's probably some pretty good bud.

    The smell: You want it to smell good. As long as it smells good the stronger it smells usually the better it is.

    The taste: Should be smooth and not taste bad at all. Some strains might taste different, but it shouldn't taste bad.
  12. You got a good deal.

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  13. Doesn't look bad at all . Just a little manicure

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  14. Never judge a bud by its cover. I've had solild dusty nugs that have done nothing and had homegrown thats blown my head off.
    best way to find out is to smoke it and judge for yourself.
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  15. looks good to me man.  hard to tell thought.  most of the advice posted is just general guidelines, but I have gotten amazing bud that looked bad and bad bud that looked amazing.  Best way to tell, is to smoke it up, but generally your bud looks nice +
  16. Looks good minus the few logs in there. Looks to be an indica, but i am not sure. Looks like some dank weed bro.
  17. If it gets you high like you want to be and if you like the way it makes you feel it is good.  As simple as that!
  18. You're fine.
  19. Looks dank man

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