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How can you tell if a seed is good/bad?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Yummay, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. Dont you put it in a glass of water, and if it floats/sinks its good/bad???
    I forgot what meant what though, Is it if it floats its bad? and if it sinks its good?

    And also should the seeds be a darker brown color?

  2. give it a nice little squeeze and see if it breaks or not. what color is it?
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    yea, and leave them overnight or at least for a couple hours

    However, I would just use a moist paper towel and see which ones germinate/sprout.

    there is an entire section devoted to this. look lower in the forum selection page
  4. Usually a seed that is good has a darker, sometimes spotted, color to it. It usually pretty hard, if it crumbles in your fingers it's not a good seed.
    If it sinks or not doesn't really mean anything. I've had seeds sink in water and they turned out to be very good.
  5. I have a couple that are brown/purplish and the others are green.

    I wanna grow so bad. I just got my own place too so its def an option.

    I just don't wanna mess with a simple indoor grow though from what I've read it seems like it can get complicated especially if its your first time.
  6. If you put a seed in a glass of water, wait till it sinks then it is ready to sprout and be planted. Soaking the seed till it sinks in the water is a good way of starting the growing process. Just clearing that up
  7. yea, its totally worth it, even if its just a closet grow. Just germanize all your seeds and see what happens, unless you have like 100 seeds. You can pick which ones are doing the best and plant them.
  8. a viable seed will be dark brown with stripes or spots on it. it will be hard. you won't be able to squish it between your fingers. i saw a thread last night about recognizing a viable seed...look around in the grower's forums on GC.

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