How can you not like Strawberry Ice Cream?

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr Lizard, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Was talking to my cousin about some girl, and he and I said this:

    Cousin- "aww come on man shes not worth it, shes just gonna shit all over you... trust me i know"

    Me- "Girls don't shit, strawberry ice cream comes out, so, if a girl went doo-doo on me, it's fine. hell, I'd want her to shit on my life"

    So, he's implying that Strawberry Ice Cream isn't good? He's a Goomba.

    But seriously though, who here thinks Strawberry Ice Cream is the Bee's Knee's or the Cat's Pajama's?
  2. I wish I liked it, but I can't :cry:

    And to think I enjoy virtually all strawberry products.
  3. Strawberry ice cream blows chodes, it has been the downfall of neapolitan since the dawn of mankind
  4. I quite like strawberry ice cream
  5. That shit's gross.
  6. First off, your story makes no sense. Second, I don't like the way you type/talk. I've become frustrated after reading your topic.

    But uhh, yeah, strawberry ice cream is awesome.
  7. I believe in a theory that life in outer space is proven to exist by the fact that some psuedo-humans don't like STRAWBERRY FUCKING ICECREAM.
    These imposters are clearly alien lifeforms wearing human costumes.
  8. Because there isn't a like button? :confused:
  9. because it doesn't taste like strawberries.

    chocolates better.
  10. I don't like strawberry ice cream.

    Also, how are you friends with a goomba? How do you not step on him by mistake and how does he not kill you with one touch? Does he always have that angry face?

  11. You are not american if you don't like strawberry ice cream.
  12. i really only will eat it if its with neopolitan. its not that i "DISLIKE" it, i just wouldnt choose to purchase it by itself. now, with the NEO mix, it KICKS ASS and makes the trio of enlightenment.:smoke::cool::smoke:
  13. I hate da west. Its CD. But what your saying is true though. There is to many flavors that are better than strawberry. I would never buy it. But if i get it its pretty good yea.
  14. whats CD? Youre from the central? why you hate the west? we got the best views in the town. Mountains on one side, downtown on the other side. super dope.
  15. Nah Cd is better. We got better stuff then the west. Sorry.
  16. /opinion
  17. Ask anyone from the CD its fact.
  18. yeah for real. but i never said the west was better than CD. Just that we have better views. which is most DEF. NOT an opinion. that is the truth.
  19. Excuse me guys but this topic is about Strawberry Ice Cream, not western CDs or whatever it is you fellas are discussing. Please, stop arguing over this east coast west coast stuff, we don't want you to end up like pac and big.
  20. has nothing to do with coasts BRUH. but thanks for your concern BRUH BRUH.:wave:

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