How can you justify racism ?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Skunky Monkey, Mar 11, 2012.

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  1. You just cant, i try to look at the other side of the argument for everything but racism, no there isn't a logical justification it's just a load of stupidity.
  2. Because those damn ******s that work 10x harder than me don't deserve the same treatment my lazy white family does, dammit.

  3. The other side of the argument for me is that different races do have inherent differences but this is mostly due to scientific nature of Darwinism and whatnot, and where certain people were born breeding different strengths in different locations (you know what i mean :D). But in no way does that make anybody less of a person, anybody who thinks that has a scummy view on people and the world. :)
  4. Check it, how can you be racist if you hate EVERYONE? Lol just a thought.
  5. Is it racist to accept that races do have inherent weaknesses and strengths? I'm honestly asking because no matter how much I want to believe all races have the same mental ability and capacity to integrate into modern society, I find myself being disappointed time and time again.

  6. This is how I feel, although of course there are always exceptions to each group, as Im sure Sickleg realizes.
  7. if its funny its ok
  8. Prejudice*

    You can't..

    We are all the same, no matter what color. It has to do with where and how you are raised.

    Black people in America are TOTALLY different than black people in Europe.

    Prejudice is immature and stupid. People need to realize we all live on this planet together, prejudice brings so much hate and negativity
  9. It's a technological trade-off. If horses weren't ridden, if boats weren't sailed, if wagons didn't travel long distances, etc., nobody would even know other races to be racist. Europeans wouldn't be able to enslave Africans or slaughter Native Americans if they couldn't get there. iPhones wouldn't exist without lithium from Africa and manufacturing through slave labor in China. New World Order wouldn't exist if there was no known knowledge of a whole "world". But now that that's happened, the only logical step would be to inter-breed and cooperate with each other until we become "one" race. So yes, in today's current climate, racism is a load of stupidity. But it could've worked at one time.
  10. well you know...darker skinned people have been a product of their environment since the beginning of time, not just since slavery and racism. in africa the most important means for survival was strength and whatnot because the sun is so hot and it's just harder to live in so many ways unless you have the physical capacity and it was much less important to be mentally capable than it was in northern europe or whatever.

    and i dont mean that in any racist way whatsoever and there are plenty of very smart black people and i feel black people in america are smarter and smarter everyday due to the fact that this is what has become important ever since they migrated here, so the smarter ones are the ones surviving now as opposed to the physically stronger ones.

    i hate saying this because i love black people and most my friends are black and i would in no means say this to their face but it's just what i believe to be scientifically true.

    i feel eventually black people will rule the world because they've been scrutinized more than any other race in recent history while a lot of white people get a free pass if they're not good enough.

    meh i could talk for days about this but i don't wanna sound anymore racist than i already am lol so i'll know what im saying.
  11. Black people aren't going to rule the world. The majority of the African-American population in the U.S. can't get their act together and the ones in Africa are too occupied by war, famine, stillborn deaths, and disease to really mobilize. If there's one ethnic group least likely to "rule the world", it's those of Sub-Saharan African descent. Look to the Chinese if you're thinking about an ethnic group to rule the world.

    Anyway, racism cannot be justified. Sure, different races have different capabilities but there is no "master race". The belief that you're superior to someone simply because of the fact that your ancestors came from a different part of the world than their ancestors is completely illogical and asinine.
  12. Originally I guess racism starts from the fact that people are afraid of what they do not understand. Different races did develop completely separately at one point and everything they believed in can be different. Most of you will not be okay with eating another human when it could be a respectful thing to do in another's culture.

    The values believes etc are all built to fit the environment they are brought up in. The cultures are likely to be significantly different and it is easy for conflict to happen. The dislike for other races can easily be sparked that way. Too many people tend to want to impose their believes and morals on someone else, often times subconsciously.

    Modern racism I suppose is similar. With more racial profiling, media etc it does affect how a person perceive someone they do not know with expectations that may not be true at all. If the stereotype is something that one is taught as negative their whole lives it is easier to adhere to what had been "tested and proven" than to question and possibly change their believes.

    I think that applies not just to racism. Even people with the same skin color can have great dislike for another based on the area they are brought up in.

    Also bonghitter, if you hate everyone then I guess you are racist against the human race :D
  13. there are the bad apples in every race.

    it's easy to hate them.
    that's called prejudice.

    but hating someone simply because of their race is unacceptable.
    and it's certainly not justifiable.
  14. We're all humans man
  15. I also think it needs to be said that pulling the race card is pretty pathetic.

    We all have oppurtunities to do well in America, although some people may have a tougher time, but hey, that's life.

    I don't think any one race is superior, but each race, overall, definitely has strengths and weaknesses. You can look up government statistics pertinent to this. Certain races are more prone to crime, violence, etc..
  16. It's in your nature.

  17. Not in mine :confused: or anyone i know. i guess some people are just born stupid, there will always be racists and people who don't like to use logic i guess. :eek:
  18. From a human standpoint, it's wrong.

    From a natural standpoint, it's natural.

    Yes were caught in the middle, playing both roles, causing problems.

    Racism wasn't an issue when human populations were low enough where we were happy with what we got.
    We now spread spread spread, culture clashes always bring violence, in any system of any animals.

  19. You are right, it's a shame were not inteligent enough for this to not be the case, i guess all is not lost there are people like me and you who think it#s wrong.
  20. Ok so am I racist if I look at facts such as black's performance on standardized tests, and the incredible amount of black prisoners, and from those facts form a hypothesis that blacks may not have the same mental capabilities as other races?
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