how can one get started in marijuana careers

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by DTDsmoke, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Hey, I am a almost everyday smoker for recreational use as of now. I am in college currently and have an undecided major and would be very interested in pursuing a career involving marijuana. I have ideas like botany, and am even considering a chemistry, geochemistry major in order to help me out. Does anybody have any input?
  2. Dude don't put your hopes on weed, let it just be a hobby. Until it's legal, there's no real market for career development. I've graduated as a bio major not long ago thinking the same thing.
  3. I wish so bad there was. People always say to 'do what you love', and it just so happens I love mary. She's the girl that never leaves.
  4. true but if prop 19 passes that could all change. and its gonna be a booming industry. waiting on nov.2 to decide what im changing my major to/if im moving etc.
  5. of course im not going to college jsut for that reason haha .. I am very interested in geology adn that type of stuff and what the earth has to offer such as this amazing herb. so in the future i hope to have some type of connection to this industry but i dont really know exactly what
  6. Are you looking to be a grower, work in a dispensary, plan to standing on the street corner, work in a lab developing nutes for the growers or just sit back and smoke it.

    Their is many paths and all are still illegal by Federal Law except the Lab part.

    Like any field their comes experience that helps get you some jobs and some jobs that train you as you go.

    Best of luck in which way you decide to pursue :smoke:
  7. God, I hope Prop 19 passes. Because then I, too will be looking for a job involving weed in California.
  8. lets hope it passes .. it could only help us all out
  9. Dude honestly, let Californians have the jobs ha not to be a dick but our state is one of the worst hit by the depression, on my street alone we had 6 foreclosures. The housing market sucks, which means people aren't working or making enough, i have been unemployed for over 2 years and am banking on the mj industry for a job after school. But if people from out of state swoop up more jobs, it gives the prop even more of a reason to be fought against by the feds, ya dig? But watch out for my hash bars, coming soon to a town near you! :D

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